I may be a bit indecisive

So for those that follow my blog know that last month i decided to combine the two blogs i write into one place (here at Domestic Days) well i’ve decided not to infact do that. Mostly because my other blog was originally intended to be my place about doulaing and mothering. and So for now i’ve decided to keep them the way they are. But i have decided to clean both up as i usually do this time of year and make some changes. So give me another week and i’ll be back with a lot of recipes, crafts, a lot more homeschooling, sewing, and tutorials to share.

until then to get your creative juices flowing feel free to check me out on Pinterest…..


Wanna win a nook color? Wanna do something good?

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that is all ­čÖé

Yarn Along


I missed the yarn along on Wednesday but I still wanted to show off what I’ve been working on this week….

Christmas ornaments. Yes you read that right they are for a friend who requested 12 back in December & I’m finally getting around to finishing them up. They are super fun, quick, & easy.

As for the book I’m reading I’m still working through Rob Bells book with my hubby, but I also started One Thousand Gifts.by Ann Voskamp. My goodness am I loving it! Such good words for the soul, & man is my journal filling up fast. Seriously go read it!

What are you working on or reading this week?

DIY Wedding Inspiration

There is so much wedding inspiration out there for a DIY girl. I like both Etsy and Pinterest. So i thought to end our Wedding season week I would post some fun things i’ve seen! Don’t forget to stop by my shop for our wedding week specials!

modern classic birdcage veilORIGINAL desgin White Mr and Mrs Double Sided Thank You on Reverse Photo Prop set wd

If your engaged congrats and have a blast!!! For those like me who’ve been married a while, ain’t love grand? Be sure to kiss your love!

One last thing before we end the week to see my own DIY projects for our wedding go here

Best Wishes!

I’m around

I promise i am around even though my blog has been quiet. Its just been one of those seasons. One will extra time spent holding babies who don’t know what they need. One filled with a messy house because you don’t have time to clean. One spent away from sewing machine but arms deep in laundry and toys. But this week i got a break, i got 2 days while my oldest was at grandma’s to complete some projects on my growing to do list. ┬áSo ahead to come this weekend when i can sit down and write it all up is a car seat cover, training pants, swaddle bankets, a crafternoon, and some other projects lost in this season i’m in.

I’m still here


Just wanted to check in and let you all know i am still here. Life has been a bit crazy this month, my baby is coming up on his first birthday, my first born is testing his limits and well me me i’m taking every moment i can to sit and rest because i’m prego with #3. beyond that we are busy busy busy, with birthday’s like my great grandmas 99th this weekend, and celebrating new babies being born soon, ┬áand well just plain spending time with friends and family, but i will be here soon soon i promise with so much more to show you. To tied you over check out my sweet sweet friend and her sweet sweet words and photos of my blessings! Here (photo taken from her post)

I luv designing dresses!


Ok so I’m not a fashion designer and I rarely sew anything without a pattern to follow. But one thing I do do, and love to do might I add, is to combine patterns to make my own clothes!

I feel in love with this fabric (again from my favorite discount shop). At first I wasn’t sure if it was cute, I had 2 friends with me. The one hated it the other loved it. So I decided to get some & think on it. Then as we wandered through another part of the store I found some corduroy┬áthat matched perfectly and I knew I wanted it to be a dress!

So I brought my fabric home and I thought on it a bit more and then finally settled on a dress that I thought would be cute. The top of it is from pattern 2724 and the bottom was the skirt from pattern 2403.

I’m really impressed with the finished project. Now to plan a date to wear it to!!!