My 1st crochet pattern!


Who knew i would ever come up with my own pattern for crochet? I’ve designed my own stuff for sewing before but frankly i’m just now a professional crocheter, i’m not even beginner, is there something below beginner? Ok well maybe i’m atleast beginner i have been doing it for like almost 20 years but i’ve never really gotten past basic steps and you’ve all seen my failures of beanies.

Ok let’s not dwell! right? i mean after all i did just design my own bow!!!

Ok here is the pattern if you want to do it yourself…

you can choose any yarn and any hook size you like! My favorite is a J hook and i’m not sure the yarn i used because it was scrap yarn i had and i no longer had the paper on it.

row 1: Chain 20

Row 2: Single stitch into each chain

Row 3: repeat, close off

Row 4: using second yarn single stitch into each previous stitich

Row 5: Single stitch into the backs of each of the previous stitch

Row 6 & 7: close off and swith back to color 1 then repeat rows 4 and 5

Rows 8 & 9: repeat with color 2

Rows 10 & 11 repeat with color 1

Rows 12 & 13:  repeat with color 2

Rows 14 & 15: repeat with color 1

Row 16: i don’t know if this is a legit crochet thing but i chain stitched into each stitch. i liked the look 🙂

and there you have it!

questions ask away! like i said i’m not really much more then a beginner so this may make no sense at all.  I’m ok with the questions you won’t offend me!



Bow Times!

I found this great bow tie tutoraial from Crochet spot. I’m so excited about it! It is so easy and so fun!!! I  mean really look how cute they are….


How could i resist making them? I whipped some up in all black and stitched them to some white shirts for my 3 boys for easter. They were darling!

So darling infact i was inspired to create my own bow pattern for my hair….


Fun huh? want to make one yourself? Check in tomorrow when i share my first ever crochet pattern!!!

Pinterest Party RE-cap

Well a round of colds has hit our home and has circled back around again as march begins. 😦 the down side of so many in one home i guess. Those colds have left me resting in bed cuddling with babies and not really doing much else, so pinterest february didn’t go quite as planned but hey I got a few things done and wanted to share them…

I made the letter T out of some pipe cleaners and yarn for the boys’ alpha wall in their room….

Tutorial Here

pipe cleaner and yarn - love - darling idea for Primary Christmas trees

and I made a charging station for our ipods and iphones….

I also have some lemon peels soaking in Vinegar for a homemade cleaner, & stitched up so,e old diapers for new rags…
We also made some fun pipe cleaner glasses..
Oh & lastly I crocheted up more hearts like i did last year & stitched them on as elbow patches…
(the multi pictures is a result of doing the monthly photo challenges)
February photography challenge - gonna use this as my guide for Project 2012

I also did a lot of pinterest cooking this week…

Thin Mint truffles, Black Bean brownies, & Yogurt dipped fruit.

And over valentines week i put some pinterest gift & date ideas to work as did my hubby during our “I Love you More” week. Which you can read more about here if you want.

Want the tutorial or recipes for the projects I did check out my pin boards.. thing’s I’ve made & Thing’s I’ve cooked.

Yarn Along 2/1

Its my first yarn along link up of the year! I have actually done some crocheting this year but keep forgetting to link up for the yarn along. But tonight i remembered! so here i am!! This week i’m finishing up the book Bittersweet (not photoed) and i made significant progress on my blanket that i’ve been working on since early last year. I’m 3/4 of the way through and hoping to finish this month. I think i can I think I can I think i can! Guess i better get working, sorry for the short post but i really want to finish!

Pretty Vs. Practical #3

I am on a role with these Pretty vs. Practical projects. I think my husband may hate me at the end of the month with all the work he is having to do. 🙂 This week i tackled a few projects….

1) Organzied the clothes I store (Kids, Maternity, the like)- Free –

2) Made a laundry basket storage rack

3) Wreath for the front door

4) hung some wall decor in Kitchen – Free –

5) Blanket storage in living room – Free –

6) Organized our homeschool supplies (art supplies, learning tools, games) – Free –

7) Turned our fridge door into a chalk board

Wanna see?

Total Pretty Vs. Practical points: 25

Hat day

Some days i like Hats, some days i like crochet, lately i’ve been loving crochet hats!

(Hat made with love by my great grandma, its Vintage)
If you’ve been a follower for a while you know i’m not so great with the yarn, but i try! and i prefer really simple projects (makes it less stressful for me!) So when i stumbled upon this tutorial for a sweet little bonnet hat i just had to try it! Oh do i love it! It was quick to crochet and the end of the result was super cute on. I actually made two last week! They are a bit longer then i’d like so i made do up a third a tad shorter (becuase i like how her’s stops right above her chin).

Here is one of my finished hats…

Yarn Along


It’s been a while since I have done much crafting or contributing to Ginny’s Yarn Along. But I am excited to do both this week!

I want something quick and easy to make, Oli needed something all his own, His tiny feet don’t feet the booties I crocheted for Levi last year, and well its freezing in sunny southern california! So my project or projects as it were for the week a beanie and booties! The booties are my favorite lion brand pattern. I didn’t make them as tall, which I kinda like; they turned out cute! His beanie was a bit intimidating. Truth me told I have only successfully ever made 3 beanies and I made them 2 years ago! the other 900 attempts were fails! (Beanie #1, and Beanie #3). Anyway so like I said I was really nervous to make it; I searched for a pattern I liked for a baby ( I don’t like a lot of baby stuff out there) and then went for it. This is the pattern I found. It ended with 60 stitches around which ended up being to big, so I reduced a bit instead of ripping it out, but you can’t really tell. Anyway I like it! and it fits him look how cute is it…..

The books I’m enjoying. Created to be his Help Meet I’ve read before, but its one of those I think is good to reread, always good reminders, and always something new that sticks out. The other one bittersweet I am loving. I read Cold tangerines last month by the same author didn’t love it that much I read it right after 1000 gifts and it just didn’t have the same weight. But Bittersweet I’m really enjoying! It resonates a lot and its an easy read!

Well that’s pretty much all that consumes my free time right… a tiny bit or reading and crocheting. The rest is still spent on that little guy, i forget how much of my day is really spent, these newborns sure sleep a lot, but not necessarily at the same times as the older two. 🙂