My Boys

So with adjusting to #3 in the picture i’ve taken a bit of a break from a lot crafting (i’m sure you can tell) But we have had a few things going on here and there and so i wanted to show of those few…

I’ve made a few sleep sacks for baby Ollie, the boys did some lovely paintings for an art show we ended up missing, and i did manage to sew up there PJ pants and Hats for christmas (the only sewing i did this year!)


Library Bag

When i was a kid i use to carry around my moms old book bag. it was a simple denim bag lined in gingham with her name on the front in reverse applique. and i loved it! i still have it actually and its in great condition. I really wanted to make one for Harvey but I wanted the project to be quick and simple and all about him. So since he loves to color i thought i would do a canvas bag he could color on. for a lot less money (why are canvas bags so expensive?) I ended up with a fun and simple bag that was cheap enough that we could update it as he gets older. The muslin was the last of my stash, and he colored with his “Special markers” some fabric markers we got in the Kids Camp section @ Joanns. and i stitched it to a simple $1 market bag we found in that same section. I love the way it turned out! and I can’t wait to take him to go get his first library card and start checking out books!

p.s. for those perfectionists out there you could do cleaner edges on your fabric, or make the bag yourself and have your color panel be the whole front panel. I liked the zig zag edge withe the cut fabric it seem to make it more boy/child like to me. 🙂

Baby Clothes

Oh i just love little baby clothes and as we near October I am getting more excited about those little pieces of cloth. As a result i have an urge to make some myself. We have a ton of teeshirts from myself and my hubby and i have been wanting to repurpose them into baby clothes so i figued Go for it! I printed Carrie’s (of This Mama Makes Stuff) Sleep sack pattern and got to work! I am loving the finished product. Carrie said if i bug her she will update the pattern like she has been wanting so that it will have cuffs and be a bit longer so it will fit longer! I plan to do that since my sleep sack hating husband and I actually like this sleep sack, a FIRST for us!

On a side note the shirt i used here is one of mine, its from the mission trip i took where i met my darling husband. I figured that was a good shirt for baby, both smell wise as babies are comforted by their mothers’ smell and for the history of the shirt.

Book Pocket

My boys LOVE reading!!!! They read atleast 3 books every night. and beg for more. Harvey especially loves taking a book with him to bed @ naptime and reading it before falling asleep, so i have been wanting to make him a book pocket for his bed for some time. I also have a ton of flags from our TOMs shoes and have been wanting to use them for something. So i pulled out the last bit of fabric stash and got to work making two pockets for two very special boys.

Play Kitchen

Everywhere i take Harvey he seems to find a kitchen to play with. His teachers @ church are always telling me how he cooks up food and washes dishes. So my husband and I have been chatting for a while about doing up a kitchen for him. Our original plan and still on the someday list is to make one out of an old nightstand. But until then we saw a great idea for making one out of felt to cover a TV tray. Since we have a ton of felt left over from the felt playhouses we made both this and last year (this years I’ll show you soon) we decided to make one. Only we used a small IKEA table we had instead of a TV tray cause he is still so short.

It was quick and simple and the only sewing was stitching the panels together. Everything else my hubby used hot glue on. So far the boys love it!! and love cooking on it with their pots and felt food!

Happy Cooking!

Car Seat Cover

Inspired by this beautiful mama I decided to try my hand at making my own car seat cover for this baby. I am not a huge fan of the ones that just go right over the seat, so i was excited when she post her how to on how she used her existing cover to make a new one.

She made it look so easy! But I struggled a bit. It took a long time to rip the seams out, and in some places to get my stitching right. there are still a lot of mistakes that i can see. So don’t look to closely or you might see them to! And i still have to do the sun cover. But for so far i like it!

Plus how comfy does it look to sit in!!!

Swaddle Blankets

Did i mention baby #3 is on its way? Well if i haven’t baby #3 is to arrive sometime around the 6th of October! We don’t know what we are having but i have been collecting fabric for this baby all of which i planned on turning into blankets, so i figured, what the heck let’s stitch them up….

The two blankets on the left are both done using Amy Butler’s Swaddle blanket pattern for her <a href="Amy Butler’s Little Stitches for Little Ones"" “>little stitches book. I love this pattern, but i think my most favorite is the elephant one, i didn’t do the border on the inside piece like the pattern calls for but i love it. Its still reversable i can either navy or elephants. Plus the elephant material is like a pair of sweat pants, so so cozy!!!!

The blanket on the right comes from <a href="Lotta Jansdotter’s Simple Sewing for Baby: 24 Easy Projects for Newborns to Toddlers"" “>Lotta Jansdotter’s Simple sewing for Baby. I love this swaddle blanket! Again its the sweat material. But the pattern itself is so easy, and it has velcro on the arms around baby to keep them nice and snug.

Like I said i don’t know what we are having yet but the one in the middle really makes me want to have a boy! i love the Mr. Fabric!!! But if its a girl that’s ok the animals will keep her cozy and there is lots of girl fabric up in the closet with her name on it! and the Mr. will just wait until Baby #4!