Dress Month

A friend of mine commited to making october “Dress month” they way it works is that you wear the same dress everyday for a month. it stems from this girls post. After reading the post and seeing my friends enthusiasm i was really excited for her. As i started telling my husband about it later that evening, i started thinking about my current situation.. I’m in the odd stage of pregnancy i am to small for maternity clothes and muscle memory is setting in and I’m to big for my post/pre baby clothes are to small. I thought about it and thought about how i am constantly wishing i was more creative with the clothes i have and thought What the Heck! Let’s try this!

It took a few days for me to pick out a dress in the midst of moving, but i went to joanns the other day and i settled on a pattern to use, which i altered a bit from the norm and WaLaw i had my dress. Its not all what i was hoping for but i think it will work. 

DSC_0094 by you.

i used my trusty old Maternity skirt/dress pattern which i used here but i added straps to the top, but can easily tuck them in if i decide to wear it as a skirt. 

So although i’m starting dress month 9 days late, i am looking forward to all the creative ways i can think to wear this dress.