My Boys

So with adjusting to #3 in the picture i’ve taken a bit of a break from a lot crafting (i’m sure you can tell) But we have had a few things going on here and there and so i wanted to show of those few…

I’ve made a few sleep sacks for baby Ollie, the boys did some lovely paintings for an art show we ended up missing, and i did manage to sew up there PJ pants and Hats for christmas (the only sewing i did this year!)


Happy Easter

Ok so Easter is a few days past, but you all know i’ve been busy. If you don’t know that see here! Over the next few weeks i will finish sharing all those projects sewn over those blissful 2 days of time to myself. But i wanted to take a bit to share about the easter craftyness around here.

Starting with our easter decor…….

Of course upon entering our home you are greated with our easter wreath

The whole thing cost about a $1. The $1 of course was the cost of the wreath itself purchased at dollar tree. I then covered it with yarn and lace i had on hand. The nest was a project i made 2 years ago with my this lovely lady and had yet to have found a use for it. and the eggs were made out of some extra clay i had on hand. Wrapping the yarn to the longest but all in all it was a simple project!

On the Mantel of course is our Easter Advent which i shared about last year. You can read here on how to make your own. I had intended to cover the eggs this year with something more appealing but didn’t get that far, oh well maybe next year!

And the last little bit of easter decor is my spring bunting, which i made our the spring crafternoon, that I co-hosted with that lovely friend i introduced earlier. (I’ll share more about that later)

What do your homes look this Easter?

Christmas Decor

Yes December is usually my month of from blogging or atleast a slow month for me as i spend it busy busy with my son’s birthday and christmas. Needless to say that means a lot of stuff to blog and share with you in January. But before Christmas comes and goes, which it does all to fast, I wanted to share with you some of the christmas decor around our house….

You already saw the wreath on my door. This Year we have a mantel for decorating so i stitched up a 12 days of christmas bunting out of a panel of fabric i got at my favorite fabric store M&L.

I also made 4 new stockings (my style is constantly changing so last years just didn’t cut it). To make the stockings I used scrap fabric from my stash and some 99cent doilies from Joanns. I love them a lot!

I used the extra fabric from the bunting panel & stocking fabric to make a tree skirt

I crocheted up a few of these babies for the ladies in my MOPS group, but i had a few for our house to! I think next year i’m going to put some up in my etsy shop, but if you want to make them youself go here.

Inspired by this beauty….

I made some new christmas card holders..

Four our christmas tea @ church I made this centerpiece a few of its decor has been returned to our treem But the rest still looked great at our christmas table this weekend.

I Love the holiday season, all the merry making & crafting. Its all so joy full. What does your decor look like?


Archives: Fabric Wreath

As we are busy preparing around here for the holiday season and birthday season (December is a popular month in our family) there is little time to post, so I thought i would repost a tutorial from last year to help you all get motivated in your own holiday preperations……




3 strips of 1/8 wide fabric

Fiber fill


optional Bell


1) Stitch your three fabric strips into long tubes leaving one short end open to stuff.

2) lay all three tubes on top of each other and stitch them together at the end that is already stitched closed. (stitch about 1/2in from the end off fabric to leave room to close off wreath in the end)

3) Stuff your fabric tubes with Fiber fill, Leave about 1 to 1 1/2 inches at the open end for stitching closed.

4) stitch each tube closed

5) Braid your three tubes together as tight as possible. (as you do this the tubes should start to curve forming the wreath shape, but if not don’t worry)

6) Ones your braid is done, stitch the three ends together jsut as you did in the beginning, leaving the same 1/2inch to inch end (w/no stuffing)

7) stitch your two ends together closing off the wreath circular shape

8) tie a bow over the end of the wreath you just closed off and your done!

Want to add the bell?

That’s no problem….

1) string bell onto desired ribbon, and Tie it in the center over the center tube.


For Mother Holiday signage and wreath ideas head on over to Poppies at Play.


Fall Around here

Yup its fall around here and that means lots of orange and brown and candy corn. This is probably getting repetitive but i just LOVE fall way to much!!! Here is a sneak of the fall showing up here….

Apron Swap

The You Want it, You Got It Apron

I love Aprons! I think my love of them comes from my Grandma who is always wearing an apron! She has a passion for cooking like you don’t see anymore. One of my favorite memories of her is her christmas cookies. She doesn’t bake nearly a tenth of what she use to do, but one year at the peak she piled her cookies on the dinning table to photo it. To give you an idea she baked on average 4 days a week for 3 months. She filled an entire freezer full of just cookies every year. then she would make plates of them for clients, family and friends. And not just any cookies, she would bake 3 different kinds of biscotti, mocha logs, cookies with fruit centers, oh my so many I don’t know the names of them. All kids of crazy cookies. (there were no chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin) She has photos of them all in a book, her table covered 2-3 layers high of plates of cookies. You can see why she is always wearing an apron, if she bakes cookies like this imagine what our simple holiday dinners or birthday dinners look like; there’s enough to feed an army.

Anyway my love for aprons and my lack of creativity for a new apron has spurred on my idea for a swap this holiday season. I am going to host an Apron swap.

Here is how it will work…. You will be making an apron to send to another swapper and you will receive one in the mail. You will have until Oct 24th to sign up for the swap. Then that next week i will send you the contact info for the person you will be sending an apron to. You will then have until November 29th to send out your apron. on December 1st i will post a linky so we can all show off the aprons we have received.

Ok so to sign up leave a comment below with your name and email address, you will get an email from me confirming your participation just before i let you all know who you will be sending an apron to.

Well good luck and happy apron making!


******Partners have been assigned, if you did not receive an email letting you know who your partner is please contact me!! thnx*********

Happy Easter

Today is one of my favorite days of the year, its one of the most blessed days its the day our savior rose again! Glory be to God!!!!! My family and I wishes you all a blessed day!

Now to share how we celebrate the day….

For starters we start 12 days prior to easter with our easter advent eggs. We made them last year (Harvey’s first easter) and we plan to continue to pull them out each year. 

Each egg contains a verse and a little object to represent the verse. To make your own for next year check out Chocolate on my Cranium.

Easter morning we of course open up the easter basket. 🙂

I made this year’s basket. its fabric wrapped cording which i then cut pieces of and glued together stacked to make the basket’s shape. I’m not all that impressed although you can’t see the parts i don’t like in this picture so its all good. In the basket as you can see Harvey got some bible stories and a new bible. I’m really excited for the new bible because its one specifically mother’s and sons, with conversational points. I can’t wait to see Harvey’s faith grow. For now what would this post be if i didn’t share a bit of my son’s excitement and a proud mommy story. (your on a mom’s blog, get over it 🙂 i’m gonna brag)

So here is the quick version, i gave Harv his basket and well the kid immediately went for the bible. opened it up and began pointing and tell me stuff, he then whipped the pants which you can see folded in red over his shoulder and grabbed for the other stories which he handed to me to read. he didn’t really care about anything but those books. I’m proud of my little faith boy as well as his love to read! ok now was that so bad? back to the crafting….

besides the basket there are two other handmade items… first the blue roll is a crayon roll for harv to take to restaurants. he is just learning to color and the roll has a spot for 4 crayons and some scrap paper for him to color on. next to that are the pants i sewed…

To make the pants, i used a pair of Harv’s slim leg jeans as a template for the pants. and then i headed over to MADE for the pocket tutorial. the waist band is flat in the front and then there is elastic in the butt to make the snug without affecting the flat front pockets. I really like the way they turned out and plan to make more for my little guy. (BTW i know he’s not dressed in easter colors, but he matched my dress so it worked for us).

I hope you all had a blessed easter, filled with family, crafts, and the Lord. For those of you here in Cali i hope the earthquake didn’t rock you to much! I leave you with this… HAPPY EASTER!!!!

John 3:16-17

“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life. “For God did not send the Son into the world to judge the world, but that the world should be saved through Him.