Book Pocket

My boys LOVE reading!!!! They read atleast 3 books every night. and beg for more. Harvey especially loves taking a book with him to bed @ naptime and reading it before falling asleep, so i have been wanting to make him a book pocket for his bed for some time. I also have a ton of flags from our TOMs shoes and have been wanting to use them for something. So i pulled out the last bit of fabric stash and got to work making two pockets for two very special boys.


Fall Around here

Yup its fall around here and that means lots of orange and brown and candy corn. This is probably getting repetitive but i just LOVE fall way to much!!! Here is a sneak of the fall showing up here….

Dinner with friends

I love having dinner with friends, lunch with friends, breakfast with friends. Mostly i love entertaining @ my home or bringing a warm meal to someone elses house. there is just something about it. The conversation, good food, good company. It all warms my heart. As much as i would love to be able to cook whatever i would like sometimes i can’t take my kitchen and some things don’t transfer well. So i am super excited about this little project i made myself a couple months back. Its an insulated carrier for a baking dish! I used a pattern from one yard wonders which i altered as the pattern is for a round dish & i have all square. It turned out so cute i think i may make a few more for a few other of my baking dishes that i commonly use. Now i just need to make someone dinner. 🙂

summer comfort

My mom and i took a fun class at joanns the last two weeks so we could learn how to make our own pipping and outdoor cushion. We used Simplicity pattern 3695 (a Christopher Lowell Pattern) and we made the 20″ square pillow. I decided to use oil cloth to make one for a few reasons, one my kids can sit and spill on it all they want and i can just wipe it off :).

I hope to use it as a booster seat for them at the patio table this summer and as a comfy seat for me when we play in the grass or sandbox. 🙂

It was super simple to make and tons of fun!!! have any of you ever made one? i’d love to hear about it.