Designer Hospital Gown

I have a couple me projects that i still have to finish but i realized last week that we are in countdown mode for Levi’s arrival and so i have switched gears and am trying to make my way through the projects I have for him. So to start off my baby sewing i made myself a designer hospital gown. The idea came from a freind who asked if i could make her one. I had never thought about it before, but why not i can’t be that hard! so i reaserched a pattern and i found this one from Lazy Girl.

I got my pattern and picked up some $3 a yard fabric and in an hour i had my very own and personalized designer gown. so fun and so easy to sew!!!


Simplicity 2725

Totally my new favorite shirt!!!! I made it using Simplicity pattern number 2725. I love this pattern because it is a project runway pattern, which are amazing because they can be customized anyway you like it. 

i customized it by making a tank top with the ruffel down the front/center but not using the ruffel piece around the collar. 

I did use a larger size to allow for the basketball for now and plan to take it in when the ball becomes a baby in my arms.

Have you used project runway before? If so what’s your favorite project runway pattern?

I’m not Yellow


But my new skirt is! I bought this beautiful mustard yellow thin cord fabric at the discount fabric store, they had about a yard left not on the bolt so i bought it up pondering the posability of it being turned into a straight skirt. Being that i am fast approaching my 3rd trimester i knew i needed to figure out how to make it a maternity skirt, so i also bought some yellow jersey to make a belly band. 

So what I did to make it is….

1) fold the fabric in half lengthwise. 

2) trimmed it slightly longer than the desired length so that I knew I wold have room to play with the hem. 

3) I then stitched the open side closed. 

4) Next I took my Jersey and cut a piece the size of the belly band on my favorite maternity jeans. 

5) I then stitched my jersey to the skirt. To do this I placed the two right sides together (Jersey into the cord) and stitched all the way around. I also lined up the seam of the jersey with the seam on the skirt. as I stitched around I stretched the jersey so it would be the same size as the cord.

6) I think hemmed the bottom of the skirt and zig zag stitched the top of the Jersey.

And then I was done and have a great maternity skirt and once baby is here I’ll probably take in the back seam so that i can still wear it. 🙂

for good measure here is a picture of the belly 🙂 (please put aside the dirtiness of my mirror!!!) and if your interested in the necklace I’m wearing you can check it out here.

some new pants

being on baby #2 and being 6months prego i am getting a decent basketball in my belly, and well even my favorite maternity jeans from round 1 are getting small. So on black friday when i went into H&M and saw a new selection of $10 jeans i was so excited! i tried on about 6 pairs trying to find the size and cut that i liked so that i could try my hand again at some new maternity jeans. I finally found one i liked. 

this time around i sewed them differently, i kept the waistband and everything intact, i just used my micro tip scissors and cut out the zipper. i then used some jersey and pinned it to the inside of the jean’s opening ( i did this with the jeans on me so i knew how much jersey i needed)

the fit pretty good, the jersey i used isn’t my favorite and so i still use a rubber band around the button and through the button hole for a tad more tightness, between the stretch of the jeans and the jersey by the end of the day they are a bit big, but in a month or so i know i won’t be saying that.

I also had to alter the length and the width of the legs, as I’m short and they were long and wide legged, really wide legged, like go back to junior high and wear jnco pants wide legged!

In the end I’m pretty proud and i have a new more comfy pair of jeans to wear!

Awesome Maternity Pants!

So i had to use my get outa jail free card today in the wardrobe refashion, I bought a new pair of jeans from H&M, they were $10 and i bought them for the intention of altering them into maternity pants. I first saw the pattern and idea on CRAFT a blog i follow which led me to this tutorial. They turned out super cute, and i’m excited for my belly to get a big bigger so that i can wear them. the only part i don’t like is that the pattern calls to cut for under the zipper and the zipper on this particular pair fell really low on me, so the maternity panel is A LOT lower than i would like. the next time i’m gonna make a pair, i’m gonna follow this tutorial which instructs to cut out the zipper and stitch up the zipper cover. which i think i will like better.

Anyway the whole thing was super easy to sew, i think it maybe took 30 min total. gotta love that!!!

So not the best picture hopefully i’ll get a better one later….

DSC_0101 by you.

Maternity Skirt Time!

Yes that’s right 13 weeks in and only .8 lbs later and somehow my clothes just aren’t fitting. 😦 So out with those clothes and back into my maternity clothes (at least what i can fit into that is, which is almost none of them as i’m not quite big enough, it’s an awkward stage) so i pulled out my trusty pattern from baby #1 and i whipped up a new skirt for my pregnancy w/baby #2. I found some beautiful orange jersey (a color i love) and within 30 min this morning i had a brand new skirt! so comfy and perfect for fall!

maternity skirt by you.