Baby Clothes

Oh i just love little baby clothes and as we near October I am getting more excited about those little pieces of cloth. As a result i have an urge to make some myself. We have a ton of teeshirts from myself and my hubby and i have been wanting to repurpose them into baby clothes so i figued Go for it! I printed Carrie’s (of This Mama Makes Stuff) Sleep sack pattern and got to work! I am loving the finished product. Carrie said if i bug her she will update the pattern like she has been wanting so that it will have cuffs and be a bit longer so it will fit longer! I plan to do that since my sleep sack hating husband and I actually like this sleep sack, a FIRST for us!

On a side note the shirt i used here is one of mine, its from the mission trip i took where i met my darling husband. I figured that was a good shirt for baby, both smell wise as babies are comforted by their mothers’ smell and for the history of the shirt.


Spring PJs

I love a cozy pair of PJs and i love spring. Given that i am extra excited about this special pair of pjs. I made them using a thrifted sheet i bought a while back while out with this lovely lady. (Which BTW if any of you are in OC or Riverside area and looking for an AMAZING Photographer she is your gal, check out her site here! Yes a shameless plug for a dear friend, but don’t worry she didn’t ask me for it, its truly how i feel!)

Anyway back to the PJs. The shorts i made using my current faves as a template, and the top i made using the pattern in <a href="One-Yard Wonders: 101 Sewing Fabric Projects; Look How Much You Can Make with Just One Yard of Fabric!"" “>One Yard Wonders.

The whole thing came together quick and easy. If your a beginning stitcher, this pattern is super simple, and could be done by hand!

Anyone else getting sewing for spring?


I love Pj pants and shorts and i love the feel of cool sheets. so inspired by a friend who was making PJ pants for her kids out of vintage pillow cases i decided to try my hand at a pair of PJ shorts for myself.

they didnt turn out to bad, i havn’t tried them on yet i have to wait a bit longer still in dresses and night gown after my newest’s arrival. but i’m hoping they fit although i think they may need a few alterations.

Ruffle your Stuff

I’m entering the Ruffel your stuff contest over at Ruffels and Stuff. So i thought i would give you all a peak at what i’m sending over. (for now its just these three, but i have until April 2 so if i get inspired i may send a few more)

My first ruffle is going to be my sandals for february….

The second a refashioned ruffled tank (using scrap fabric)..

and Lastly my newest piece of handmade jewlery (made in the same fashion as my Ruffles and stuff inspired lace necklace) Its a ruffled necklace….

(i just love the little delight charm i stitched on, that is daily inspiration lately… the little delights my son offers up throughout the day!)

Well those are my ruffle’s now let’s see if i win 🙂

a fun little spring top

i’ve been working on a few new spring tops for contest at made by Rae… the first was inspired by one i saw over at thimbly thing….

the collar needs some work but i need to be able to try it on first and well its a bit small for my big prego belly.

the second i used scraps for the first to add some ruffles to a white tank i had. I’m loving it. its so fun to wear!! i like that little touch to what is now my everyday attire!

I can’t wait for more spring tops! got a few more things in the to do pile!

Vintage pattern

I have a vintage simplicity pattern that was my moms and i feel in love with it. I have been wanting to sew it for a while but could never find the right fabric until a couple weeks ago when i fell in love with some fabric from Amy Butler and so i used part of my christmas gift certificate and bought what was on the bolt which happened to be just what i needed for the dress. 

At first i was afraid to try it on becuase i was afraid it wouldn’t fit (this was a one size pattern and being vintage they tend to run small so i didn’t know what to expect) But i finally gave in and tried it on last week and it fit perfect!!!!

I am super proud of it, for the first time i actually sewed linings and pockets on my dress 🙂 I want to try to find some more vintage patterns, i really like how clear the directions are printed on them. So much simpler than some of the patterns i’ve used recently.

For the love of cardigans

I have been on a cardigan kick lately and so as part of my me sewing month i added a new one and re did an old one. 

For the new one i used the simplicity pattern (#2560) which i had previously used and just used a different cut.

 I fell in love this cardigan that Disney from Ruffles and stuff  made so i decided to give an old fave a new look. I used my  favorite black sweater that my husband always makes fun of it when i wear it because it has a small hole on the back. but i love it anyway.

Now i’m debating on replacing the buttons with pearls ones to complete the look. and the Hanky is rather simple the other side is blank, but i love it and i found it at my favorite antique store for $3 :).