Wool Soap

I love felting wool, its so fun. I’m not the best at it but i get better and better. My goal is still to make a wool checker board for my boys as soon as they are ready to play anyway. I decided this to try my hand at felting around an object (which i will have to do to make the checker pieces). So i decided to make some felted soaps to sell at the Patchwork show back in July, (they are also available in my etsy shop).

I used a dove soap bar, cut into 4s and wrapped it in some wool roving. With each use the wool become tighter and tighter and more and more felted around the soap. They were pretty simple to make but i need to practice more to perfect them as there are some cracks in the roving on a couple.

I have yet to use one but i am excited to soon.


Mother’s day flowers

For mother’s day i always give flowers, but the problem with flowers is that they eventually die right. Well this year i saw this great idea for a substainable mother’s day flower. Its a paper flower that when planted becomes real.

To make them is super simple! first i took some brown paper bags and cut them open so they were flat and then cut them in half. Then i followed this tutorial to create the flower. I used some seeds i got in the dollar section at Target that said were great for attracting butterflies and hummingbirds. I added the pipecleaner which i stuck in as i rolled up the flower.

and then i clipped the whole thing to the mother’s day cards which had instructions for how to plant the flowers. They were so fun! I even took the supplies to church with me that week so that the kids in our bible study could make it for their moms.

Loving Affirmations

I was at a loss for what to make my hubby for valentines day, especially with the crazy week i had with being in the hospital. Then i was reading this book a friend gave me called “created to be his help meet”.  Its a little bit more conservative than i am but basically its a book on being a more biblical wife. Anyway that is all beside the point, the point is in the chapter i was reading the author shared some advice that really struck me she said  “no man has ever crawled out from under his wife’s criticism to be a better man- no matter how JUSTIFIED her condemnation.” It got me thinking about how many affirmations i over up to my hubby throughout the day/week/month. and so i thought, That’s it i’m gonna make him an affirmation jar for valentines day! I included 31 affirmations (one for each day of the month) plus a few extra’s (cause you all know some days we need to hear a few more affirmations).

to make your own affirmation jar all you need is a few minutes and a few easy supplies….


A Jar (i used a baby food jar)

some strips of paper cut into little rectangles (i cut after i put the word on)

Pen or stickers or other things with words like magazine cut outs

Decorations for the side and lid of the jar


1)Write one word on each little strip and put in your jar.

2)Decorate your jar as desired (mine has my hubby’s name on the side, and on the top it says… when i think of you i think….

3) open your jar daily and read your affirmation of the day

A Quick gift!

I wipped up a quick gift for my hubby tonight, it took 5minutes and it turned out so great! My hubby takes his lunch to work most days and he usually uses a Tasty baby market bag we have (Tasty baby is a babyfood). I have been wanting to make him a bag of his own and so tonight i took the 5 min and i whipped up. 

I can’t find the original source that i saw gave me the idea, but basically here is what i did…

1) Pick a T-shirt you love

2) cut the sleeves off just below the stitching

3) cut the neckline a little larger

4) turn shirt inside out and stitch the bottom to close up the shirt.

5) stitch the edge of the neckline (i used a zig zag stitch)

(you can stitch up the edge of the sleeve to, but i cut really close to the seam so that i wouldn’t have to)

and there you go! you have a market bag.

here is the one i made for my hubby ( i tried to get one of it standing up but i couldn’t get the handles to stay up)….market bag by you.


this morning my friend beth and i attended our favorite craft fair at the store road less traveled in Santa Ana. we had a great time looking at all the different booths and catching up. When Harvey and i got home i felt inspired to work on some projects. the first was just a matter of completing a blanket that ran out of bobbin thread half around the edge stitch, so all i needed to do was finish two sides. so i did and now its done!DSC_0190

DSC_0195 by you.

then i worked on my project of the day which was a gift for tyler that i have been planning in my  head for a few days. its a little journal that he can keep in his pocket to write down his To Dos and little notes and activities so that he won’t forget. i used scraps of things around the house, a piece of cardboard off a box, scratch paper, and a scrap of fabric.

first i cut my paper and cardboard to the size i wanted and then stitched the two together down the center

DSC_0201 by you.

then i glued the fabric onto the outside of the book (i coulda stitched it but i was consirned that my stitching wouldn’t hold up as well cause i had to manually do it on the sewing machine cause i was afraid of the needle snapping)

DSC_0213 by you.

then i went through and on the top of each page i wrote a bible verse for inspiration, some were parent related some where husband related some were just general inspiration. Harvey even got in on the mix of inspiring his daddy…DSC_0229 by you.

DSC_0221 by you.


and that was it our little project of the day…..

DSC_0236 by you.