Happy Easter

Ok so Easter is a few days past, but you all know i’ve been busy. If you don’t know that see here! Over the next few weeks i will finish sharing all those projects sewn over those blissful 2 days of time to myself. But i wanted to take a bit to share about the easter craftyness around here.

Starting with our easter decor…….

Of course upon entering our home you are greated with our easter wreath

The whole thing cost about a $1. The $1 of course was the cost of the wreath itself purchased at dollar tree. I then covered it with yarn and lace i had on hand. The nest was a project i made 2 years ago with my this lovely lady and had yet to have found a use for it. and the eggs were made out of some extra clay i had on hand. Wrapping the yarn to the longest but all in all it was a simple project!

On the Mantel of course is our Easter Advent which i shared about last year. You can read here on how to make your own. I had intended to cover the eggs this year with something more appealing but didn’t get that far, oh well maybe next year!

And the last little bit of easter decor is my spring bunting, which i made our the spring crafternoon, that I co-hosted with that lovely friend i introduced earlier. (I’ll share more about that later)

What do your homes look this Easter?


Handmade to Share

My most favorite gift we made this year was for both boys and it was a fruit stand. It was something i had envisioned all myself and my husband practically stepped in my imagination and created it! I hadn’t yet sewed the elephant and was still scared of stuffed things so i bought the fruit and veggies for it @ Ikea but i have a pattern and plan to sew some soon! I dont have much to share about it other than that my hubby still needs to hang the baskets on the front, the rest well you can see for youself. oh and to give you an idea of cost the whole thing to make (minus food and baskets) less than $10!!!!

Handmade for Harvey

I know you all know i am a big fan of handmade gifts. I am especially a fan of them for Kids. I think a lot of kids toys deny them of their imagination. With all the lights, sounds, and educational purposes alot of toys just don’t allow kids to get creative.  My husband agrees and so we try to only purchase gifts that enhance the handmade gifts we plan to make, most of which require imagination.

Our oldest is 2 this year and my mind was going with all the things we could do for him. He is at a face where is learning everything and loves playing!!!! We bought him a camera as he is obsessed with ours and i made him a strap for it. We had plans to build an easel for him but instead opted for the $14 IKEA one and instead sewed him up a smock.

Then daddy got in on the planning and he decided his son needed a work bench! our wheels were turning with all the ways we could build one but settled on repurpsoing a small ikea like (purchased from target) table we had on hand……

I love the way it turned out and the boys are really enjoying playing with all their tools.

If you want to make your own its pretty simple. All we did was attach some peg board to our existing table. no painting no sanding nothing but a couple brackets! Easy as pie!

Christmas Stockings

In my family stockings were a big deal! They usually contained necessity items like soap. I remember one year my grandma couldn’t find the traditional nuetrogena soap & everyone was beyond upset! As we got older our stocking contained some of our most wanted gifts including gift cards & cash of course, It got to the point where our stockings were special christmas trash & or laundry baskets. Let me tell you we take stocking stuffing seriously!

So this year when it was decided i would host the williams family christmas I knew I had to have stockings for everyone but i wanted to include Harv in the fun. Here is what we did…

1st) We took a paper grocery bag & cut stockings out.

Next) we decorated them with stickers & crayons.

after) I stitched the two sides together

Last) we stuffed and hung them.

It was so much fun to a little craft with Harvey, I’m glad he is finally getting to the age. He loved it and i think everyone enjoyed their gift!

Christmas Decor

Yes December is usually my month of from blogging or atleast a slow month for me as i spend it busy busy with my son’s birthday and christmas. Needless to say that means a lot of stuff to blog and share with you in January. But before Christmas comes and goes, which it does all to fast, I wanted to share with you some of the christmas decor around our house….

You already saw the wreath on my door. This Year we have a mantel for decorating so i stitched up a 12 days of christmas bunting out of a panel of fabric i got at my favorite fabric store M&L.

I also made 4 new stockings (my style is constantly changing so last years just didn’t cut it). To make the stockings I used scrap fabric from my stash and some 99cent doilies from Joanns. I love them a lot!

I used the extra fabric from the bunting panel & stocking fabric to make a tree skirt

I crocheted up a few of these babies for the ladies in my MOPS group, but i had a few for our house to! I think next year i’m going to put some up in my etsy shop, but if you want to make them youself go here.

Inspired by this beauty….

I made some new christmas card holders..

Four our christmas tea @ church I made this centerpiece a few of its decor has been returned to our treem But the rest still looked great at our christmas table this weekend.

I Love the holiday season, all the merry making & crafting. Its all so joy full. What does your decor look like?


Mother’s day flowers

For mother’s day i always give flowers, but the problem with flowers is that they eventually die right. Well this year i saw this great idea for a substainable mother’s day flower. Its a paper flower that when planted becomes real.

To make them is super simple! first i took some brown paper bags and cut them open so they were flat and then cut them in half. Then i followed this tutorial to create the flower. I used some seeds i got in the dollar section at Target that said were great for attracting butterflies and hummingbirds. I added the pipecleaner which i stuck in as i rolled up the flower.

and then i clipped the whole thing to the mother’s day cards which had instructions for how to plant the flowers. They were so fun! I even took the supplies to church with me that week so that the kids in our bible study could make it for their moms.

Happy Easter

Today is one of my favorite days of the year, its one of the most blessed days its the day our savior rose again! Glory be to God!!!!! My family and I wishes you all a blessed day!

Now to share how we celebrate the day….

For starters we start 12 days prior to easter with our easter advent eggs. We made them last year (Harvey’s first easter) and we plan to continue to pull them out each year. 

Each egg contains a verse and a little object to represent the verse. To make your own for next year check out Chocolate on my Cranium.

Easter morning we of course open up the easter basket. 🙂

I made this year’s basket. its fabric wrapped cording which i then cut pieces of and glued together stacked to make the basket’s shape. I’m not all that impressed although you can’t see the parts i don’t like in this picture so its all good. In the basket as you can see Harvey got some bible stories and a new bible. I’m really excited for the new bible because its one specifically mother’s and sons, with conversational points. I can’t wait to see Harvey’s faith grow. For now what would this post be if i didn’t share a bit of my son’s excitement and a proud mommy story. (your on a mom’s blog, get over it 🙂 i’m gonna brag)

So here is the quick version, i gave Harv his basket and well the kid immediately went for the bible. opened it up and began pointing and tell me stuff, he then whipped the pants which you can see folded in red over his shoulder and grabbed for the other stories which he handed to me to read. he didn’t really care about anything but those books. I’m proud of my little faith boy as well as his love to read! ok now was that so bad? back to the crafting….

besides the basket there are two other handmade items… first the blue roll is a crayon roll for harv to take to restaurants. he is just learning to color and the roll has a spot for 4 crayons and some scrap paper for him to color on. next to that are the pants i sewed…

To make the pants, i used a pair of Harv’s slim leg jeans as a template for the pants. and then i headed over to MADE for the pocket tutorial. the waist band is flat in the front and then there is elastic in the butt to make the snug without affecting the flat front pockets. I really like the way they turned out and plan to make more for my little guy. (BTW i know he’s not dressed in easter colors, but he matched my dress so it worked for us).

I hope you all had a blessed easter, filled with family, crafts, and the Lord. For those of you here in Cali i hope the earthquake didn’t rock you to much! I leave you with this… HAPPY EASTER!!!!

John 3:16-17

“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life. “For God did not send the Son into the world to judge the world, but that the world should be saved through Him.