Summer Art part 2

well we finished up our art play dates for the summer. It was a lot of fun and we tried a lot of new things! Here is a peak into our tuesdays….

Attempting to do an art playdate. These milk paint cubes were awesome!

Pudding, veggies, coffee filters, water/food coloring

Messy art @devonhills82 @dixonwifey

Another fun morning with paint! This time with balls & cars instead of brushes!

Our last official art playdate for the summer. We did finger & hand prints, foot prints, & painted our initials!

we break up the 6 weeks each week into a general theme or unit…

Week 1- Colors, We painted with milk paint which i froze into ice cubes, we experimented with mixing colors in water color, and we painted rainbows with water color, and cutting collage practice

Week 2- Food week, we painted with cooked spaghetti noodles, pudding vinger paint, we used veggis as stamps, and we used water colors and coffe filters.

Week 3- Nature week, we painted leaves, leaf rubbings and tracings, water droppers

Week 4- Sensory week, we exploded soap in the microwave and attempted to color it, painted with shaving creme and food coloring, made objects out of clay, we also painted using different household objects as brushes (fly swatters, bath puffs, things like that)

Week 5- we roll and throw containers filled with paper and paint, we use marbles and pink pong balls to roll through paint and as brushes, we drive cars around our paint try, (last year this week was a hit this year not as much but i still love the effect of the paint in the containers)

Week 6- Me week we do hand prints turned into butterfly’s, foot prints, finger print trees, and we painted their initial. (last year we did full body sketches and colored them)

Having done this now two summers in a row i have learned a few things…. first have no expectations of what will be liked or not liked every kid/week is different and sometimes what i thing is fun they find boring. a little food coloring goes a long way, and the $1 store is a great resource. Kids love to get their fingers messy and cover paper, rarely will they paint what you had hopped. Paint outside and again relinquish your control!!! Its art let them show you their creativity!!!!

Looking for fun art to do with your preschooler or tot? Feel free to check out my pinterest boards Homeschool-Art and Homeschool-Completed


Summer Art

So one thing that we love about summer is that we can get outside for a little bit each week and have some fun, get messy and create! I think Tuesdays are the best days of the week!

So far this summer we’ve done a lot of fun things takes to Pinterest! We’ve painted with condensed milk, which we actually froze and used the ice pops to paint with, we used water colored with food coloring on coffe filters, we have painting with pudding finger paint. Its messy and fun and more is to come!


My Boys

So with adjusting to #3 in the picture i’ve taken a bit of a break from a lot crafting (i’m sure you can tell) But we have had a few things going on here and there and so i wanted to show of those few…

I’ve made a few sleep sacks for baby Ollie, the boys did some lovely paintings for an art show we ended up missing, and i did manage to sew up there PJ pants and Hats for christmas (the only sewing i did this year!)

Summer Art

As a main component of our school curriculum this year (last year we did Tot, in July we started Preschool) I have added a regular art day. We spend our friday school mornings doing about 3-4 different types of art projects based on the topic we are learning that week. Here are some peaks into what my oldest has been creating this summer (and my littlest to). These are from nature week and color week….

Summer Art Camp

I’ve been doing a little less creating the last couple of weeks and Harvey has been doing a lot more creating. 🙂 Boy does this kid love paint!!! Last week He and I did a mommy and me art camp, taught by our dear friend. What a fun week, messy shirts, water color tag, racing cars in paint, playing with shaving cream, clay, self portraits and full of stories. Harvey’s favorite part? He’ll tell you the books; but i say it was washing his hands. 🙂 He loved getting messy but more then that he loved playing in the water buckets. He would intentionally dip his hands in the paint just to go wash them off. It was funny. His favorite project seemed to be the self portraits he liked looking at himself in the mirror. His least favorite seemed to the skateboard project he had no interest in laying down on a skate board and putting down hand prints on the paper but eventually we got him to atleast sit on the board and try it. He ended up going back again and again until we realized he was doing it just to wash his hands.  it was a good week, thank you leslie for having us!!!

Messy art camp


At the end of the week the kids had a little Gallery showing, I got to see the set up but we had to miss it as my hubby and I were headed to San Fran for his own gallery showing he was part of. All in all it was a great week and we crossed a lot of projects of our summer bucket list!

Paint Day

Harvey loves painting! Its often hard to pull him away, even after he has finished his specific project he asks for paper to paint. So for a little summer fun we thought we would go outside and make a fun mess! Thanks to Pinterest I found 2 great projects for us to do…. Sidewalk Paint and Spray Paint!

Both are super simple….

For the sidewalk Paint simply mix 1/4 cup water with 1/4 cup corn starch. and a drop or 2 of food coloring. Don’t use to much food coloring as it can stain the surface. When the paint dries it will look sidewalk chalk. Clean up is easy just hose it down!

For the Pray paint we mixed a small amount of Acrylic paint with water. (I emptied whatever was left in a few old paint bottles i had and then added about a cup or more of water. to much water can make the paint runny so you may want to test it out a bit. If you don’t want to use acrylic you can do water colors and for that simply mix water and food coloring. Once your paint is mixed and in your spray bottle hang a sheet or a canvas and have a go! I suggest if you are using acrylic hang over dirt or grass area instead of your porch just incase the paint goes astray!

Intentional Crafting

We have been doing some intentional crafts with Harvey lately. Once a week he and i sit down and do a project that has a purpose of teaching him something. Usually our topic of learning is based around his current interests. For example he is really into birds right now, so we made a bird feeder. He is also really into praying so we made prayer flags. Its been really fun to see him dive in and learn and create. He is loving it. I wanted to share with you a few of the things he has been making but you can also view more about our “tot school” at Intentional Motherhood.

Daddy even got in on it one day when i was sick, and started doing life size tracings of each of the boys….