Fall Around here

Yup its fall around here and that means lots of orange and brown and candy corn. This is probably getting repetitive but i just LOVE fall way to much!!! Here is a sneak of the fall showing up here….


sweet treats in the mail

This is a post 6 months in the writing, i misplaced the court to upload the photos from the camera i used….So here it is the moment i’ve been waiting for…. this post can move out of the draft folder!  A friend of mine was feeling ill and i wanted to do something sweet to cheer her up (after all she has done so much for me lately. so i put together a little care package for her. i included for her a pair of earings made of one felt ball sliced in half. and vintage spool message! to make it i used some scrap fabric and trimmed it to fit around a vintage spool, then i used some scrapbook rub-on words to write the message. both were super easy and fun to make. and hopefully brought her a little cheer!

Wool Soap

I love felting wool, its so fun. I’m not the best at it but i get better and better. My goal is still to make a wool checker board for my boys as soon as they are ready to play anyway. I decided this to try my hand at felting around an object (which i will have to do to make the checker pieces). So i decided to make some felted soaps to sell at the Patchwork show back in July, (they are also available in my etsy shop).

I used a dove soap bar, cut into 4s and wrapped it in some wool roving. With each use the wool become tighter and tighter and more and more felted around the soap. They were pretty simple to make but i need to practice more to perfect them as there are some cracks in the roving on a couple.

I have yet to use one but i am excited to soon.

Wall hook

A while back i made this new wall hook. I used a round unfinished wood plaque i got at Joanns, and i painted it with chalkboard paint. My hubby then glued on a vintage thread spool i had. The idea is i can hang sewing projects for photographing and write the pattern number or hang up an outfit for a specific occasion and write down the date/day/ or need accessories. Oh the possibilities of what this new wall hook could be used for!

Binder Clip fun

Slowly I am getting my craft time back, and for now i’m using it to go through my stash and to finish projects i have been wanting to make. The first was a quick and easy project. I refashioned some binder clips. I followed the tutorial found here. and it was ton of fun to make, i can’t wait to do up some more!

necklace making

I’m a bit slow right now with blogging well with crafting to. But i wanted to show off two necklaces i have been making. They were pretty simple to make.

The first was a charm i found at joanns and i painted it, it was silver and not so pretty but with a coat or so paint made all the difference. The second i made after reading the lace applique tutorial over at ruffles and stuff! Quick and easy! each took only a few minutes to make.

$5 Spring Decor

The answer for me, was yes i was up to the challenge? what was the challenge? Living with Lindsay challenged followers to create a spring decor item for $5 using items only purchased at the dollar stuff. with the exception of paint, glue, paper, fabric, tools which could only be used if already on hand. With a little inspiration from Disney (who’s blog i follow) and Jesi (a friend who’s blog i also follow) i designed my spring decor….

Paper bag flowers in a newly beaded/painted vase! Total cost $4-5

Making it is simple…. So Let’s get started and head to the dollar store for our supplies:

1) Package of Brown lunch bags

2) Mardi gra beads (mine came in an 8 pack)

3) Glass vase (the one i choose was very plain and smooth which made it easy to paint and glue on but if your daring any drinking glass or vase would work)

4) pipe cleaners

5) optional: Rocks, sand, styrophome balls, or the green flower foam to anchor the flowers.

Now let’s head home and get started… Pull out your tacky glue, paint of choice, and scissors and your ready to start making your vase and flowers…

We are going to start with the vase first, because it needs to dry. (i am going to tell you how i did mine, but keep in mind you can do step 4 before steps 1-3)


1) clip one strand of mardi gra beads so that it is one long strand and not a necklace.

2) start gluing the strand to the brim of the vase (i put a little bit of glue on each bead and then stuck it to the vase. continue to do so until you have reached the beginning and then trim off excess beads.

3) One the glue is done drying your going to paint your vase, beads and all, per the instructions on the paint bottle.

In between waiting for each of above wet steps to dry let’s work on the flowers…

1) Take out two paper bags and trim off the bottom of the bag and then cut down the side folds so each bag is cut into two separate pieces.

2) Layering the now four sides on top of each other begin fan folding (you remember folding paper fans when you were in school…)

3) Take one pipe cleaner and wrap it around the center of your folded bags

4) Begin opening up your flower. To do this you are going to separate each layer of bag pushing it towards the center as you do this

5) Once all the layers are separated and folded towards the center, you may need to fiddle with the layers to make it look a bit more like a flower (think fake christmas tree here and how you have to adjust branches). I kinda pinched the bottom of flower to make it a little rounder and make everything a bit closer together..

6) Once your flower has taken shape the way you would like you can move onto the next. You can also cut open the bottoms of the bag so they are flat pieces and repeat steps 1-5 to make smaller flowers.

Now you are ready to put the two together…

1) check paint is dry and as thick as you desire

2) Fill vase with anchor as you feel necessary (i used rocks to anchor my flowers to do so i simply filled the vase first with the rocks and then began placing the pipe cleaner stems into the rocks.) If you used a taller vase or one with a skinnier mouth you may not need the anchor/filler

3) arrange flowers in the vase (once my flowers were arranged i used some rocks which i had left out and strategically placed them to hold the flowers where i desired.

Don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers, and if you make some of your own please share!

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