Pretty and Practical #4

Its the 31st and time to wrap up the Pretty and Practical before February’s Pinterest Party. I have a couple projects to finish up tonight when my hubby gets home such as….

Hanging some little mailboxes i got

kid's mailbox. Wanted this so bad as a kid. totally gonna do it for my kids!

and in the next week or so we are gonna make this guy (Our saturdays flew by us!)

Love it!!! I want it!!!

and i need to go pick up a cupboard organizer for some of the snacky things we buy, an idea inspired by this…

i like those containers the potatoes are in

and i’m hoping i can get him to do this to a book i have…

Make your very own iPhone Charging Dock that will take the place of that ugly white cord lying across your nightstand.

We’ll see if i make it that far tonight! And if so i’ll update you on my final Score but as of now this is where i stand…

Yarn/pipe cleaner letter, A height ruler for the boys, and my Perpetual Calender. I Also finished my 2012 Bucket List (Jar on the left, more on it later!)

I also made an “I love you because” board and the little frame on the bottom is a Chore chart for Harvey with photos of each chore using Instax film.

I also bought baskets to organize my fridge plus a lazy susan for it also.

all that gives me a total of : 19 points for those projects (most of them were free! wahoo!)

So total pretty and practical points: 44


*** Update, Nothing got finished last night as hoped, Final poibts : 44****


sweet & meet

My Wonderfull husband hosted a sweet & meet for me and our little levi this past weekend. He invited freinds and family over to have some treats and meet our little man. He used an owl theme which i love! and i helped him with displays for the dessert bar. Overall it turned out really cute and it was so nice to introduce levi to everyone!

I had so much fun with my hubby making stuff.

The painted owl was his deal, he found it at a thrift shop it was gold and ugly and he wasn’t thrilled with eyes but now that it is painted i think the eyes go well.

The identity jars were a join colabration. my hubby found the jars at Ikea and i went with the chalkboard paint. there are two more jars in the back corner, one has suckers, the other other has the paper flowers. which you can make yourself super easy!

the Chalkboard tray was a dollar store find. the tray litterly cost a dollar at Dollar Tree and i covered it in leftover paint from the boy’s room.

The letters are covered in pages from a childrens golden book i found.

and the cake stand well those are just way to fun to make!

And here is me and the guest of honor in his special day shirt. ๐Ÿ™‚

Overall it was a fun day!

Dollar store crafting

I have been working on coming up with some dollar store crafts to find one i like for entering in the Living With Lindsay challange. So this is my first project, i’m gonna do one more (which will probably be the one I enter). Anyway this is a prayer bowl and here’s the how to….

Supplies from the $1 store:

1. Bag of decor stonesย 

2. a bowl big enough for the bag of stones

Supplies on hand:

1. piece of chalk or letter stickers

2. black paint

3. black marker (i suggest a permenant one)

How to:

1. using painters tape, tape off a space to paint with your black paint (i used chalkboard paint i had on hand)

2. paint the open taped off space according to the paints instrunctions. and let dry.

3. using chalk write the title of your bowl. mine is a prayer bowl so each stone will have a prayer written on it that is being handed over to God. so the title of our bowl is prayers.

4. write on your stones. for the prayer stones, on one side we write the prayers that we are offering up to God and then on the other side we are going to write how God answered those prayers.

simple huh? so what else besides prayers do you plan to use your stone bowl for?

Inspiration wall

Ever since we rearranged furniture to make room for the new baby I have been madly working at trying to fill the blank wall that was once covered by a bookcase. I have decided to make it into an inspiration/organization wall. so far i love it! I’m not finished yet but here is a peak at it so far….

It includes the embroidery hoops my hubby made me for christmas ( we are still planning on adding our silhouettes), and some fabric covered cork boards. I also included a clothes pin which is holding the birdie that Brooke sent me for our ornament exchange over christmas.

To make the corckboards i bought a pack at target and then cut them down to the sizes i wanted. I then covered them with the fabric scraps from my first quilt squares. I like them a lot they are adding a little inspiration to my sewing time. ๐Ÿ™‚

Next to all this is my organization… Its a mail sorter i made from the left over fabric that i used in my living room for my pillows and glider. (incase you want to know what they look like, i plan to take a crafting break once baby is here and will use the time to go back and show you last years projects that i made before i blogged)

The pattern came from my new favorite sewing book One-yard wonders. i made one adjustment from the “Hanging wall Pocket” pattern. Instead of using grommets at the top i made fabric tabs, which a curtain rod can go through if i ever decided to use one to hang it. I also hand-stamped each of the twill tape labels….

Such a fun project to make, quick and easy. and oh did i mention i actually used the interfacing as the pattern called for! Go me for not short cutting for once! ๐Ÿ™‚

Well that’s my wall so far, still got a few more projects to do, hopefully will find the materials i need at the thrift store to finish them. Do you have an inspiration wall? what does it look like? Link it here i’d love to see.

Projects on the brain

Yesterday i finished unpacking the last few boxes we had from our move earlier this month. 2 of the boxes were craft stuff and as i put it all away and looked out our finally unpacked stuff i realized i have a lot of work to do and very little time to do it! scary!!!!! I am such a to do list/priortize girl and to know that i have this much to do and not enough weeks to finish is terrifying but i also know it will all get done. (if i stay focused that is) So today on my brain is my long list….. not in any order of course….

Harvey’s b-day invitations, b-day party details, and one year scrapbook.

Harvey’s B-day and christmas gifts (i bought him a rocking horse today, need to sand and paint! and i have fabric to make a ring stacker for him. i also have the intention of making a plush alphabet for him and two photo books one full of colors, and the other with pictures and names of family and friends)

Christams gifts ( i have the stuff for 2, 2 are done, i have many to plan and make!)

our annual Holiday dinner party invitations

our Holiday cards

and i wish i had my camera (i left it at a friends house today) but i would love to show you the stack of fabric i have to sew for a baby girl, assuming of course that baby #2 is a girl which i won’t find out until thanksgiving, which is a blessing since i will be busy busy busy for the next month preparing everything for Harvey’s 1st b-day and christmas.ย 

that’s my list, i know it doesn’t seem that long but it is, and with only 3 weeks till our holiday party, 6 weeks till Harvey’s b-day, and 2 weeks to spare after that till christmas, i have a tight schedule to get it all done with a baby in tow!