Sketchbook Project 2012

Last year my hubby participated in the sketchbook project and back in June we got to go to san Francisco to see his sketchbook in a traveling exhibit (Its on permenant exhibit at the Brooklyn Art Library). This year we both decided to participated and back in January we submitted our books and we just got word they have been received! There are thousands of books submitted and they are traveling not only the US this year but also a few international spots this year. You can check out the full schedule here. Until then here is a peak at my book, (fair warning, i do not draw therefore do not judge! For me this was more about the experience and what i wanted to express then my actual ability at drawing, but i was inspired to actually draw a few things, they are not pretty nor would i ever try to convince you they were). Every book has a theme mine was I Remember When…..



You are……

One of my “Big projects” for the summer/Early fall is to get the boys wall decorated. It will be a cross between an alphabet wall which i have been planning since  I was prego with Harvey (so 3 years) but thanks to a sweet friend throwing me a sweet shower I will finally get to do!

See the letters these amazing girls made for me!!! (aren’t they talented?!?!)

Also on the wall will be Harvey’s school stuff, His art gallery, prayer schedule, Chore chart stuff like that.

But the part closest to my heart on the wall are their identity posters. These were a lot of fun to make and are really important to me as i plan to update them each year and speak these truths over my children so they hear who they are, who God made them to be and not what the world says they are.

to do them go to wordle put in your list of words and then play with the layout and colors. The more times you put in a word the bigger it will appear. So i made sure to put in their names atleast double the amount of times as any other descriptive word.

Well off to do some more work on my blanket! I want it done before this baby gets here!!! But please i’d love to see what you all are working on???

Loving Affirmations

I was at a loss for what to make my hubby for valentines day, especially with the crazy week i had with being in the hospital. Then i was reading this book a friend gave me called “created to be his help meet”.  Its a little bit more conservative than i am but basically its a book on being a more biblical wife. Anyway that is all beside the point, the point is in the chapter i was reading the author shared some advice that really struck me she said  “no man has ever crawled out from under his wife’s criticism to be a better man- no matter how JUSTIFIED her condemnation.” It got me thinking about how many affirmations i over up to my hubby throughout the day/week/month. and so i thought, That’s it i’m gonna make him an affirmation jar for valentines day! I included 31 affirmations (one for each day of the month) plus a few extra’s (cause you all know some days we need to hear a few more affirmations).

to make your own affirmation jar all you need is a few minutes and a few easy supplies….


A Jar (i used a baby food jar)

some strips of paper cut into little rectangles (i cut after i put the word on)

Pen or stickers or other things with words like magazine cut outs

Decorations for the side and lid of the jar


1)Write one word on each little strip and put in your jar.

2)Decorate your jar as desired (mine has my hubby’s name on the side, and on the top it says… when i think of you i think….

3) open your jar daily and read your affirmation of the day

Happy Valentines Day

In this house we love God and we Cherish the creation of lives we are growing and feel so blessed to be parents! So this valentines day our little blessing’s wanted to send out a little reminder to everyone to let them know they to are loved no matter what!

Hand sewn cards

Since my first two have reached their recipients ( i hope, one said she got it) and the third is sitting here waiting to be addressed, i thought i would take a second to post my first batch of hand sewn cards. I bought this week a box of white cards and covered them with some yellow fabric and then glued on the recievers first inital. 

for my first time i like them, but we’ll see what the next round brings…


Sending letters

light blue stationary

I love stationary! i love the little boxes it comes in and i love writing little notes and mailing them. i love getting mail to and i pressume most people do to! its nice to get something unexpected in our mailboxes which is usually full of bills and junk. a few years ago i started sending one little note a week to a friend either just to say, let them know i was thinking of them, or thank them for their freindship. I sorta dropped the routine a few years ago, i tried to pick it up here and there but with the routine of life it just never seemed to happen that way it once did. but it has weighed on my heart lately and i have decided to pick it up again. 

i am however out of stationary so i think i’m gonna try my hand at making my own, we’ll see how it goes! 

If any of you feel the urge to send a little note yourself i would love to hear how you go about it!