Family Thrifting

I have been doing a little thrifting with in the family lately. My Grandma use to own 2 houses and then a few years ago condensed into one. as a result she has a ton of stuff and is constantly giving it away. Last week she was cleaning out her table linens and she called me to see if i wanted some napkins she had. They were white with lace, i said sure, and casually mentioned that i was collecting doileys if she had any. That comment turned into 4 giant bags of stuff for me, including crocheted blankets and beadspreads. Some of it ended up going to my mom but some of it made its way to my house…..

I got a stack of white napkins, a giant sifter, some heart doiley’s and lace, an old catholic bible (which is slightly different from the protestant bible, which is now used by catholics), a crocheted blanket which use to be my mother’s beadspread (made by my great grandma), and a crocheted beadspread my great great grandma made for my grandmother. I love it! i love all of it, especially the handmade beadspreads, the history, the detail, the hardwork, so much love in them!



We’ve been doing a lot of thrifting lately, some of it for the craft part i co-hosted last weekend, and some of it just for fun. We’ve been to garage sales, thrift stores, & even an antique store.

I found a wire bowl that i’ve been wanting for a while…

A vase and a candlestick for an antrho inspired project….

We also found a set of 3 suitcases, which we are super excited for. I’m thinking of doing some vinyl detaling on them…

I’m looking forward to some more thrifting with some friends in a couple weeks.

Antique making with hubby!

for my birthday my hubby took me to a couple thrift stores and we had some fun. one of the shops we stopped in had a %50 off sale. and so picked up 3 glass pieces. (one you will see soon i hope, its for a project my hubby is making for me) Two are the pieces above which i used to make myself a mini little cake stand. i like it a lot and am looking forward to using it.

a little thrifting

I know i’m falling behind on bloging. But we have been doing some thrifting around here lately and i thought i would share some finds! each trip was about $3-5. Trip one was at a little shop out in elsinore that i went to with a friend. i got the sheet there along with a candle stick holder (pictured in tomorrow’s post) and a big jar which I intend to use as a vase but left it in elsinore with a friend for use at a shower until i could decide how i wanted to use it here.

Then a couple weeks ago my hubby took me to a local thrift store where we found some great finds! i found the patterns (i’m excited to make the robe even though my hubby laughed at it) and i found the embroidery hoops. not exactly sure what i’m gonna use them for yet. but i loved the big one! and i am so excited to hang them on my inspiration wall. suggestions on what to put in them?

I did a bit more thrifting for my birthday this weekend with my hubby but you’ll have to wait and see the finished products to see what we found for $3

eggs nests and advent

I read this great post on CRAFT about an advent calender made from wooden thread spools, i checked out the blog and found a great two part “Green” project….

First you get our vintage thread spools, i got mine last weekend at the monthly antique fair at Irvine Valley college.


Then you dethread the spools and make this awesome Thread nests.

When your done you then use your wooden spools to make Advent Calendars.

So excited to make them hopefully in the next week or so…

A Time Capsule

We spent some time this morning going through some 25 boxes my parents had in their storage unit with my name on it. Most of them were boxes of barbies, collectables and playables (is that a word?). we found my cheer uniforms and old dance shoes, some memorablia from my baby days and some crocheted pieces from my great grandma. but i think the best finds were the books, matching game, and sewing boards  i had been asking about. Most of them i had asked my mom about from the moment i got prego with my #1 and i found them in my storage boxes!!! i was so excited. Here are some of the books i found…

I also found some handmade gifts i had recieved for christmas a few years ago. I am thinking of recreating them as gifts this year for grandparents and such…

we’ll see how that goes. We’ll back to christmas gift planning!




Family morning @ Antique fair

On Sunday morning before we went about our day we decided to stop by the local community college to check out the Antique fair. I was looking for milk glass to make a cake stand, i didn’t find anything that worked but i did find a couple things to use towards some gifts i’m working on.

DSC_0082 by you.

I found these great pieces for a cake stand, for a combined total of $5, i can’t wait to make it! ( i have like 3 others to do from the goodwill still)

there was also this great vendor that had book covers, game pieces, cards, goodie bags, all kinds of neat stuff plus also soda crates which we thought about geting to go with the one we have but we have no place for it right now. anyway i went ahead and got a bday card for harvey and a book cover to make my journal for baby #2, another started project that needs to be finished and blogged. 🙂DSC_0080 by you.

and i found the adorable hanky, the colors are a little hard to see as the lighting isn’t that great, but its so cute, i’m gonna use it a little as inspiration and maybe actually use it on something for the new baby, we’ll see. either way i love it!

DSC_0078 by you.

we’ll that was our day @ the antiue fair. now that the move is over i should be back to crafting tomorrow!