Ok i’m gonna start this by saying i am not a photographer now do i ever call myself one. I am a hobbyest and that is that. I love photography. i love looking at beautiful photos and i love capturing our daily life the big and small. In fact i love it so much i was the friend everyone made fun of because i always had my camera with me (ALWAYS) but to be honest I was to busy taking theater and choir and getting easy A’s not showing up as a TA when i was in Highschool. So yeah i’m not a professional photographer nor would i ever pretend to be. I think its weird that everyone and their brother it seems now a days is a photographer, but i think a real photographer has training talent, experience, they are not just lucky and get a great shot here and there. Sorry if that offends anyone. i have amazingly talented friends who are very talented and most assurdly professional but i would never put myself in their catagory.

Ok that being said i do love taking pictures and take them pretty much daily. And now thanks to my iphone i am learning to edit them and make them even better. So If your like me i’d love to show the apps i am loving. 🙂

first of course… Instagram…

I love posting and sharing photos here. i love the filters especially rise and it links to my facebook and twitter.
this is my favorite for creating multiphoto photos. I can then upload them using instagram or whatever other app i choose. i also have frametastic but i prefer diptic.
as for editing i use these 3 the most, each doing something different i love. Befunky and 100 cameras have filters i love. and PS express is great for lighting photos and other editing needs.
BeFunky Photo Editor
Adobe Photoshop Express
 Adobe Photoshop Express
100 Cameras in 1
I also use square ready a lot for photos that i want to upload to instagram but took with my regular camera and don’t want to have to cut.
Squaready - Instagram layouter
Another fun thing i like to do with my iphone photos is text on the pic or even text alone. to do that i use 3 different apps….
twee gram
someother apps i love are project 365, pocketbooth, lenslight, shakeit photo, & viddy.
What apps do you use?

Photo Project Feb

Did i mention i’m practicpating in Project 365? It’s where you take a photo a day for the year. (guess its actually project 366 this year). Anyway for the month of february i thought i would join the instagram crowd and do the photo a day in feb as my guide for project 365. Are you doing this kinda thing? If so let me know your username so i can find you on instagram! Anyway here are some of the photos i took in february, i didn’t finish the month but i did alright.

My View..










Something that makes me happy…

Self portrait, Blue, Door, Closet, Heart…


Something New…




Drink, Something you hate to do, Something you ate, Time

I did manage to get a picture a day, just didn’t get all the ones listed on here, so here’s to hoping i do better in march!

Project 366 (Day 1)

Well its a new year and time to start new things right? My big project for the year is something i’m participating in and so can you. Its called Project 2012 and it can be done as project 52 (a photo a week) or project 366 (a photo a day) or any variation there of. I’ve decided to do project 366, I figured if i post something everyday that will be easier then trying to remember to do it weekly or monthly. I learned my lesson with that last year with trying to do 11 on 11 i think i made it through one month. 🙂 Well the year has begun and i’ve already posted 2 photos. I plan to show them here i hope to update weekly (maybe it will be my wordless wednesday post) but just incase you can always check out my twitter. If you want to join in on the phone here‘s where you need to go! And to see the other participants check out the flicker group!

Well here are my Day 1 and Day 2…..

Day 1- Happy New year!

Day 2- Lunch with the hubby!


Happy Shooting!

Photo Challenge

So one of my personal Goals for the summer and the year really is to learn to use my camera and to really challenge myself out of just pointing and shooting and into some really great photos. My camera is always with me but photography is a skill I just really want to improve upon. I found this great 30 day challenge on Pinterest. I am not doing it 30 days in a row but my goal is to complete each of the 30 items and I plan to share them with you.

So here we go #1 a photo of yourself!

#14 a Photo focusing on Eyes

#22 A photo of a person you love

1-11-11 (x:11)

I’m really excited about a new regular posting i will be doing @ mothering/doula blog, I won’t be coping it over here as i have done in the past but i wanted to share the link as it is a way for me to explore and improve on my photography. (Another creative outlet for me)

The monthly posting will have pictures taken throughout our ordinary day at the 11th minute of each hour on the 11th day of the month. So go check it out you can see this month here.

100 Days (the last month)

Wordless Wednesday- 100 days

Catching up on the last 10 days of my 100 day photo challange, here are a few!

(Because i was playing iwth i photo editing instead of picnick this photo has 2 versions)

(That was Harv’s first time holding levi! oh was that a story!)