Sketchbook Project

I mentioned last week my hubby and I went to san fran for the weekend because he had some work in a gallery and I wanted to share it with you. He participated in the 2011 Sketchbook Project and if that is something that interests you, you can still join the 2012 Project. Each participant is sent a moleskin and gets to do what they wish with it within their selected theme. Ultimately the books are on display at the Brooklyn Art Library, but before making their home there they go on tour around the country. We were really surprised @ the wide range of age, locations, & styles. We looked through some amazing books from artists locally as well as china and australia. With his permission of course here are a few photos of my hubby and his work….


Our little garden

We started a new garden in our new house, Its not very big, so far we have 3 pots, one with basil, one with tomatoes, and one with carrots. & then we have a window planter with flowers in it. We are very excited about the garden, but we are also really excited for Harvey and the learning opportunity this will be for him. He really enjoyed getting dirty and planting his seeds. & then when we saw their greens peak out of the dirt he was was really excited!!! He loves watering and watching them from out the window during the day, It is so cute!!! Here are some photos of my happy planters…

Daddy replacing the dirt in the window box

Harvey picking a dandylion

Levi supervising

Harvey’s tomatoes

And his carrots.

I can’t wait to see our garden grow and to plant the rest of the veggies in a few weeks when daddy has a chance to build my planter boxes.

Daddy’s Special day

This past Wednesday our daddy celebrated his 30th birthday! He had to work all day but we still wanted to make his day super special. So Harvey and I cleaned up all the house and then worked out the details.

We made a fun Happy Day banner…

We drew pictures for daddy…

We baked a cake while our friend Alysia made chicken Pot Pie and bisucts. And then we settled down for dinner and dessert with our friends.

I think it was a pretty special day for daddy!

turning 30

My hubby is turning 30 this year and I have been dreaming up his party for a couple months now. My inspiration comes from two amazing ladies!!!

The first my dear friend Leslie. Who designed up a little man party for her little guys 1st b-day! I love the mustache pops!!!!

The second my friend Jesi, Well really the idea is her husband ryan’s, but its her blog about their friends old man party that got me thinking. I’m loving the outfits and the golfing and the morning paper and donut.

I plan to condense the two ideas into one awesome party all my boys will enjoy! I figure Daddy and Harvey can have a morning donut and coffee together, then maybe off to a family day of mini golf (in fun outfits of course!) and then off to the real party with all our friends.

complete with felt beards, Mustache lollipops, some Croquet, and chocolate cigars all around! 

i am also hoping that beardhead can make me a kids one, how cute would that be!

Well off to continue planning and to start creating! stay tuned for pictures from the big July event!

Happy Easter

Today is one of my favorite days of the year, its one of the most blessed days its the day our savior rose again! Glory be to God!!!!! My family and I wishes you all a blessed day!

Now to share how we celebrate the day….

For starters we start 12 days prior to easter with our easter advent eggs. We made them last year (Harvey’s first easter) and we plan to continue to pull them out each year. 

Each egg contains a verse and a little object to represent the verse. To make your own for next year check out Chocolate on my Cranium.

Easter morning we of course open up the easter basket. 🙂

I made this year’s basket. its fabric wrapped cording which i then cut pieces of and glued together stacked to make the basket’s shape. I’m not all that impressed although you can’t see the parts i don’t like in this picture so its all good. In the basket as you can see Harvey got some bible stories and a new bible. I’m really excited for the new bible because its one specifically mother’s and sons, with conversational points. I can’t wait to see Harvey’s faith grow. For now what would this post be if i didn’t share a bit of my son’s excitement and a proud mommy story. (your on a mom’s blog, get over it 🙂 i’m gonna brag)

So here is the quick version, i gave Harv his basket and well the kid immediately went for the bible. opened it up and began pointing and tell me stuff, he then whipped the pants which you can see folded in red over his shoulder and grabbed for the other stories which he handed to me to read. he didn’t really care about anything but those books. I’m proud of my little faith boy as well as his love to read! ok now was that so bad? back to the crafting….

besides the basket there are two other handmade items… first the blue roll is a crayon roll for harv to take to restaurants. he is just learning to color and the roll has a spot for 4 crayons and some scrap paper for him to color on. next to that are the pants i sewed…

To make the pants, i used a pair of Harv’s slim leg jeans as a template for the pants. and then i headed over to MADE for the pocket tutorial. the waist band is flat in the front and then there is elastic in the butt to make the snug without affecting the flat front pockets. I really like the way they turned out and plan to make more for my little guy. (BTW i know he’s not dressed in easter colors, but he matched my dress so it worked for us).

I hope you all had a blessed easter, filled with family, crafts, and the Lord. For those of you here in Cali i hope the earthquake didn’t rock you to much! I leave you with this… HAPPY EASTER!!!!

John 3:16-17

“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life. “For God did not send the Son into the world to judge the world, but that the world should be saved through Him. 

Splat Mat/ outdoor blanket

weekend before this past one my mom and i decided to try our hand at making splat mats. we had seen some for sale for ridiculous amounts of money and figured what the heck we have some fabric at home all we need is some oilcloth.  so we headed to our fabric local different fabric store and bought 2 yards of oilcloth so we could make two mats. we made each mat a different way the first we altered the snuggle blanket pattern from Amy butler’s little stitches for little ones and the second was a free hand pattern my husband uses to sew blankets for the babys in our lives. so here are the 2 different instrunctions….

Supplies for both ways:

1 yard of oilcloth

1 yard of fabric 

1 yard of batting (optional)

instrunctions 1:

1) cut a 37inch by 37inch square out of your oil cloth, trim yard of fabric to match.

2) with excess oilcloth cut it lengh wise into 4 even strips (should be aprox 2.5 inches wide)

DSC_0028 by you.

3) take 2 of those strips and cut 3 inches off the top. leaving you with 2 strips 37inches by 2.5 inches and 2 strips at 34 inches by 2.5 inches

4) take your two shorter strips and pin them to fabric rights sides together 1.5 inches from fabrics edge. you will need to center the strip to the center of the fabric

5) sticth along outer edge of oilcloth

6) open and press (oil cloth is hard to press we used our fingers and a light iron, the idea is for it to fold back and stay there)

7) going to repeat steps 4-6 with the long strips. (these will overlap the presed open short strips)

DSC_0033 by you.

8) at this point if you are using bating you could add it here

9) attach front to back panel. you will match them up right sides together and stich around leaving an 8inch opening to pull the finished mat through.

10) pull mat through opening, fold in rouch edge and stich all around to seal.


Instrunctions 2:

1) trim fabric into a 34inch by 34inch square. 

2) stich fabric to batting

3) trim oilcloth to a 37 inc by 37 inch square

4) center fabric/bating onto oil cloth wrong sides together

DSC_0035 by you.

5) fold edge of oil cloth over rough edge of heming in oil cloth’s rough edge.

DSC_0037 by you.

6) stich all the way around the inner edge of the oil cloth

mats are now complete!DSC_0041 by you.

and one more picture jsut cause he looks so darn cute sitting on his….

DSC_0042 by you.

enjoy sewing!  would love to see how yours turn out.

My husband

I love my husband because he brings me cheese, does the dishes, brings me water, changes harvey’s diapers, cooks dinner, brings me chocolate, feeds the dog, makes our bed, folds laundry, vaccumes, fixes things, kills bugs, cleans toilets and bathrooms, bathes the dog, let’s me buy what i want, takes a ton of pictures of me and harvey and random things, is good at photography, loves God, talks about God, travels with me, wants to go to the same countries as me, watches the shows i want and the movies i want, puts up with me and is patient with me,  loves disneyland, works at H&M, loves vintage and retro, is learning to blog like me, learns new things with me, is my best friend. i love my husband for all the things he is and even some things he isn’t.