Summer Art part 2

well we finished up our art play dates for the summer. It was a lot of fun and we tried a lot of new things! Here is a peak into our tuesdays….

Attempting to do an art playdate. These milk paint cubes were awesome!

Pudding, veggies, coffee filters, water/food coloring

Messy art @devonhills82 @dixonwifey

Another fun morning with paint! This time with balls & cars instead of brushes!

Our last official art playdate for the summer. We did finger & hand prints, foot prints, & painted our initials!

we break up the 6 weeks each week into a general theme or unit…

Week 1- Colors, We painted with milk paint which i froze into ice cubes, we experimented with mixing colors in water color, and we painted rainbows with water color, and cutting collage practice

Week 2- Food week, we painted with cooked spaghetti noodles, pudding vinger paint, we used veggis as stamps, and we used water colors and coffe filters.

Week 3- Nature week, we painted leaves, leaf rubbings and tracings, water droppers

Week 4- Sensory week, we exploded soap in the microwave and attempted to color it, painted with shaving creme and food coloring, made objects out of clay, we also painted using different household objects as brushes (fly swatters, bath puffs, things like that)

Week 5- we roll and throw containers filled with paper and paint, we use marbles and pink pong balls to roll through paint and as brushes, we drive cars around our paint try, (last year this week was a hit this year not as much but i still love the effect of the paint in the containers)

Week 6- Me week we do hand prints turned into butterfly’s, foot prints, finger print trees, and we painted their initial. (last year we did full body sketches and colored them)

Having done this now two summers in a row i have learned a few things…. first have no expectations of what will be liked or not liked every kid/week is different and sometimes what i thing is fun they find boring. a little food coloring goes a long way, and the $1 store is a great resource. Kids love to get their fingers messy and cover paper, rarely will they paint what you had hopped. Paint outside and again relinquish your control!!! Its art let them show you their creativity!!!!

Looking for fun art to do with your preschooler or tot? Feel free to check out my pinterest boards Homeschool-Art and Homeschool-Completed


Sunday Crafting

Early this month, i got to spend a sunday afternoon with 2 dear friends and 13 other wonderfull ladies. This very talented lady & co-hosted a very fabulous 2hour crafting party. It was so much fun!!!! I loved getting to meet new friends, spend time with dear friends who live far, and Just have a good old time being crafty.

For $10 we all got to enjoy some yummies, and take home 5 completed projects…

When all was said & done here is a peak @ what i created…

What a great break away, I can’t wait to do it again!


Its that time of year where we all go crazy, shopping, planning, cooking, creating and all so our friends and families can have a wonderful Holiday season. This years 8th annual holiday party was a Friendsgiving theme….

It started with invitations, each invitation challanged the families to an act of service….

My friend Leslie wasn’t able to make it in the end but she and her family shared love in an awesome way… They made Sock lunches , what’s a sock lunch you ask? Well as she explained it, they take a pair of socks and fill them with a bottle of water, a fruit cup, a chefboyardee cup and granola cup. they tie the socks together, keep them in their cars, and then hand them out to homeless in lue of cash. I think its a great idea, and lookforward to doing it with my family in the near future.

My husband Tyler and I did a prayer walk as our act of service. We walked around our neighborhood and we prayed over it. Harvey even participated and we lifted his prayers up to God.

After the act of service we invited everyone for a potluck lunch on Sunday after church. It was a wonderful meal! We had Ham, yams, Potatoes, green bean casserole, stuffing and pumpkin pie for dessert!!!

Before and After the meal and in between conversation we invited our friends to share in two activites…

the first a blessings book…

I made the book myself, using book covers i found at an antique fair in October and some book binding tape i already had on hand. i really like the way it turned out, i wish i had some more covers to make more for gifts.

And Make your own ornament…


I think the day was overall a great time to our friends. Good food, children laughing, and crafting! what more could i ask for?