Party time!

Well i told you we’ve been busy hence the 2 month hiatus so i want to share some of the partying we’ve been doing….

First Levi had turned 2! Its his off party year but we still wanted to celebrate him a bit so we had a picnic with friends in the park…

There wasn’t a lot to do but i did make some little buntings for the pies. 🙂

Then the next we celebrated a friend who just had her second baby. It was a combined effort with another friend from church and i think it turned out pretty cute! I did some embroidery hoops and bunting for decoration and se did some printables. Most of it was pinterest inspired and with a petter rabbit theme it all came together nice!

We had a second shower for our pastor’s wife. i didn’t do much in the planning but it turned out so sweet i had to share it anyway!

The summer is just beginning and i think there are some parties to come!


Daddy’s Special day

This past Wednesday our daddy celebrated his 30th birthday! He had to work all day but we still wanted to make his day super special. So Harvey and I cleaned up all the house and then worked out the details.

We made a fun Happy Day banner…

We drew pictures for daddy…

We baked a cake while our friend Alysia made chicken Pot Pie and bisucts. And then we settled down for dinner and dessert with our friends.

I think it was a pretty special day for daddy!

1 Year olds fun

I have been a busy mommy! I am sure everyone is busy with christmas but i have a doubly busy with getting ready to celebrate my baby’s 1st birthday! It was a completely handmade party from start to finish, minus the cake which i ordered 🙂

So here is the exciting run down of such an exciting day…..

the theme for the day was vintage toys, we started with our invitations made to look like golden books. 

Next i moved onto organizing our Party favors, We collected Classic golden books, each picked for a specific friend, along with a box of animal cookies. 

After that i moved onto our party hats, which we decorated ourselves. This is where my husband got put to work 🙂 helping me cut each circle. 

To make these hats, i first ran the felt through my xyron machine and then had my husband cut out the circles which we then peeled off and stuck to the hat. I then made the tassels out of yarn and then we used tacky glue to attach them to the top.

With those made and out of the way, i had my husband hard at work making our pin the tail of the donkey! yes i know i could have bought one for $1 at the dollar store, but they just aren’t as cute or as fun. So we made ours…. What do you think?

The Kids seemed to enjoy it…

Next we moved on to decorations, boy was this one a hassle! I had seen on Martha Stewart a few years ago where she had used the lollipops that are attached as streamers, i really wanted to do that but couldn’t find them anywhere!!!!! so i finally gave up and bought the lollipops as is and attached them to streamers. they ended up being to heavy so we couldn’t hang them 😦 but they still looked cute laying across the table. 

As you can see in the picture we also strung up a picture of Harvey from each month from the last year, starting with our pregnancy photo, and ending with a family photo from a few weeks ago. Also on our welcome table you can see our guest book, it’s a blank golden book that we decorated, it came in a box of golden books that hubby and i bought for Harvey as a birthday gift.

For our centerpieces we used fish bowls from our wedding, and we filled each with either gum balls or bazooka gum. then we stuck in extra lollipops and Tootsie pops.

Next of course in the most delicious part of the day, the birthday cake! i wanted a cake that would look like wooden blocks stacked. i was gonna make them myself i even googled it and found the recipe i was gonna use it, but each block would take 4 8inch square cakes and well to serve the 65 people on our guest list that would be 16 cakes i would need to make! so instead we ordered our cakes, and we took along a picture of Harvey’s blocks so they could see what the cakes were to look like. They turned out pretty cute don’t you think?oh and were they were yummy!

in case you can’t tell the top reads HAW1 (for Harvey Abram Williams) and the side reads baby (that one was the cake makers touch!)

We aren’t finished yet of course! as we packed it all up the night before we decided to add a photo booth, we quickly ran out a bought a black sheet (which we are gonna use on harv’s big boy bed. and then we wrapped and painted 3 moving boxes to look like alphabet blocks. we also bought a $1 store horse head on a stick.

 Aren’t my boys cute! Harv’s shirt was also a last minute touch (litterly i finished it about 20 min before we left the house) as i stiched a bow tie onto his white tee-shirt. His pants came with the suspenders and they are from H&M.

Well that is our day of fun! Man was that a lot of work for 2 hours of fun!!!

Oh and if anyone is wondering i did make my dress, but that is a post for another night! 🙂

Halloween Fun

You already saw his costume i know but we had a wonderful halloween party this year also to help Harvey celebrate  Halloween. So on the Friday before He and his cloestes friends went to Irvine Park and had some fun. It started with handmade invitations sent to his friends…


All the kiddos dressed up in their costumes….

They all got little hand sew goodie bags with bubbles in them…..DSC_0688

And there was sugarfree pumpkin pie made with applesauce instead of sugar or sugar substitute….


i missed it cause i was at a birth but it has been said to have been a great day!!!!!