sewing class

I am so excited i’ve decided to start teaching sewing classes. I’m going to be hosting some this summer in Santa Ana at the belly sprout and as soon as i get the details i’ll be sure to share them with you all but until then i’ve hosted one here. We did a beginners sewing class where we stitched up a basic hostess apron.

They turned out so cute! and the girls did a great job!!!!

That brings me to my question what kind of things do you want to learn to sew?



———- UPDATE: For anyone interested in learning to sew the apron above i will be teaching them thursday June 28th @ the belly sprout in Santa Ana, CA —————————-


We’ve been cooking….

You all know pinterest is my friend, possibly one of my best friends!!! One of the things i love most about it is all the recipes we get to try out that we wouldn’t normally find. But lately we’ve expanded away from there a bit here is what we’ve been cooking up…..

For easter we got to try out a few fun ones, resurection rolls and dying eggs with koolaide….

We’ve also decided to start receiving a CSA basket from Farm Fresh to You. Its amazing! if your interested tell them i referred you and let me know i have a code so you can get $10 off! Yummy produce!!!
We also recently purchased a Vitamix which we are so excited about!!!! We’ve been going crazy with all the yummy smoothies around here ( all of them from the vitamix cookbook)
 We’ve cooked up a lot more stuff thanks to pinterest so check back soon i’ve got more to share!

Pinterest Fun

Have you taken the dive to pinterest yet? I’m pretty sure i’m addicted! I’ve done the french tips using tape like you see above….

DIY workout shirt

I’ve made a new workout shirt…..

.bookmark must make!


and i finished my planner out of an old book…

book repurpose to planner. . . so doing this!!!

Zipper pouches….

Zipper pouch tutorial.

and whipped up a couple maxi skirts…

how to sew a maxi...

I made this yummy tart for a shower…

Lemon Yogurt Icebox Tart

cinnamon sticks….

Cinnamon Sticks - just use pizza dough!

yogurt dips….

Frozen yogurt bites! Drop yogurt off spoon onto wax paper and freeze.  bag them up for a sweet treat

Blueberry Yogurt Bites

yummy strawberries…

Dried (in the oven) strawberries recipe, so chewy and delicious! They taste like candy but are healthy and natural.

a new pulled pork recipe….

pulled pork i made for the hootenanny @Lindy Thomas

Yummy sweets…

Thin Mint Truffles

and did i share my most favorite dish ever? its the one we’ve been giving to all the new moms at church…

stacked roasted vegetable enchiladas

Like i said i may be an addict! What about you?


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Stitch Stitch Stitching Away

I am so in love with my new iphone case in fact so in love i’m gonna purchase another cause i have to many ideas in my head of what i coulda done with it. You see its intended for cross stitching! and i got it for $7 on Amazon! How awesome is that!!!

I looked online for inspiration and then scaled down and kinda designed my own image. It was so fun! If you get one yourself i would suggest doing as i did and thining out your embroidery floss and only using a few strands, it will help the silicon from buckling or stretching.

If you had one what image would you put on it?

Party time!

Well i told you we’ve been busy hence the 2 month hiatus so i want to share some of the partying we’ve been doing….

First Levi had turned 2! Its his off party year but we still wanted to celebrate him a bit so we had a picnic with friends in the park…

There wasn’t a lot to do but i did make some little buntings for the pies. 🙂

Then the next we celebrated a friend who just had her second baby. It was a combined effort with another friend from church and i think it turned out pretty cute! I did some embroidery hoops and bunting for decoration and se did some printables. Most of it was pinterest inspired and with a petter rabbit theme it all came together nice!

We had a second shower for our pastor’s wife. i didn’t do much in the planning but it turned out so sweet i had to share it anyway!

The summer is just beginning and i think there are some parties to come!

Kitchen pretty!

My husband has been asking me for 5 years if we could have cushions on our chairs and for 5 years i’ve been pushing him off, i’m not a fan of the kind you tie on, plus i hadn’t found fabric i liked, and really i wasn’t sure even if i did how i would cover them in a way i liked. But then thanks to pinterest i saw this great idea to cover them with oil cloth!!!! Why didn’t i think of that?

So i did it i found some oil cloth i loved bought way to much! (some became a table cloth) and away my hubby went with a staple gun. 🙂 yup you read that right my sweet hubby did most of the hardwork. This is his wish afterall!

I love them!!!!

And to add to our new kitchen my dad gifted us this pretty awesome curb find….

We need to get some knobs still but i love it!!


My 1st crochet pattern!


Who knew i would ever come up with my own pattern for crochet? I’ve designed my own stuff for sewing before but frankly i’m just now a professional crocheter, i’m not even beginner, is there something below beginner? Ok well maybe i’m atleast beginner i have been doing it for like almost 20 years but i’ve never really gotten past basic steps and you’ve all seen my failures of beanies.

Ok let’s not dwell! right? i mean after all i did just design my own bow!!!

Ok here is the pattern if you want to do it yourself…

you can choose any yarn and any hook size you like! My favorite is a J hook and i’m not sure the yarn i used because it was scrap yarn i had and i no longer had the paper on it.

row 1: Chain 20

Row 2: Single stitch into each chain

Row 3: repeat, close off

Row 4: using second yarn single stitch into each previous stitich

Row 5: Single stitch into the backs of each of the previous stitch

Row 6 & 7: close off and swith back to color 1 then repeat rows 4 and 5

Rows 8 & 9: repeat with color 2

Rows 10 & 11 repeat with color 1

Rows 12 & 13:  repeat with color 2

Rows 14 & 15: repeat with color 1

Row 16: i don’t know if this is a legit crochet thing but i chain stitched into each stitch. i liked the look 🙂

and there you have it!

questions ask away! like i said i’m not really much more then a beginner so this may make no sense at all.  I’m ok with the questions you won’t offend me!