Our little garden

We started a new garden in our new house, Its not very big, so far we have 3 pots, one with basil, one with tomatoes, and one with carrots. & then we have a window planter with flowers in it. We are very excited about the garden, but we are also really excited for Harvey and the learning opportunity this will be for him. He really enjoyed getting dirty and planting his seeds. & then when we saw their greens peak out of the dirt he was was really excited!!! He loves watering and watching them from out the window during the day, It is so cute!!! Here are some photos of my happy planters…

Daddy replacing the dirt in the window box

Harvey picking a dandylion

Levi supervising

Harvey’s tomatoes

And his carrots.

I can’t wait to see our garden grow and to plant the rest of the veggies in a few weeks when daddy has a chance to build my planter boxes.