Yarn Along 2/1

Its my first yarn along link up of the year! I have actually done some crocheting this year but keep forgetting to link up for the yarn along. But tonight i remembered! so here i am!! This week i’m finishing up the book Bittersweet (not photoed) and i made significant progress on my blanket that i’ve been working on since early last year. I’m 3/4 of the way through and hoping to finish this month. I think i can I think I can I think i can! Guess i better get working, sorry for the short post but i really want to finish!

Pretty Vs. Practical #3

I am on a role with these Pretty vs. Practical projects. I think my husband may hate me at the end of the month with all the work he is having to do. 🙂 This week i tackled a few projects….

1) Organzied the clothes I store (Kids, Maternity, the like)- Free –

2) Made a laundry basket storage rack

3) Wreath for the front door

4) hung some wall decor in Kitchen – Free –

5) Blanket storage in living room – Free –

6) Organized our homeschool supplies (art supplies, learning tools, games) – Free –

7) Turned our fridge door into a chalk board

Wanna see?


Total Pretty Vs. Practical points: 25

Yarn Along

I’ve decided to keep myself accountable in both my Crocheting and my reading I am going to start joing the Yarn along over at Small Things. The idea is to post about both the book your reading your yarn project!

Right now I’m finishing up reading Simplicity Parenting: Using the Extraordinary Power of Less to Raise Calmer, Happier, and More Secure Kids. I am seriously loving it!!! A lot of the thoughts go along with things my husband and I both already believe, such as less toys, minimal screen time (if at all), fresh foods. The idea is the simpler life is in childhood the more adjusted adult your child will be. I only have a few pages left so hopefully tonight or tomorrow i can finish the next book which i have been reading. 🙂

My current Yarn project is a big one. I am in love with Dottie Angel’s patchwork blanket. So i decided i would attempt it, seemed easy enough. Especially for me a novice of almost 15 years (that’s how little i do this) who’s never done a project of this size before! I’ve had a few little mishaps so far, and lost count a lot! but its turning out good. Mine was gonna be 4 squares across but i’ve decided to add a 5th for balance with the colors i have randomly placed amongst the light grey wool felt i am in love with!!!

Well i off i go to work on those exact two things! a little reading time and then a movie with my hubby while i crochet away. I’m half way done and can’t wait to see it done!

Now head over and see the other projects and books!

turning 30

My hubby is turning 30 this year and I have been dreaming up his party for a couple months now. My inspiration comes from two amazing ladies!!!

The first my dear friend Leslie. Who designed up a little man party for her little guys 1st b-day! I love the mustache pops!!!!

The second my friend Jesi, Well really the idea is her husband ryan’s, but its her blog about their friends old man party that got me thinking. I’m loving the outfits and the golfing and the morning paper and donut.

I plan to condense the two ideas into one awesome party all my boys will enjoy! I figure Daddy and Harvey can have a morning donut and coffee together, then maybe off to a family day of mini golf (in fun outfits of course!) and then off to the real party with all our friends.

complete with felt beards, Mustache lollipops, some Croquet, and chocolate cigars all around! 

i am also hoping that beardhead can make me a kids one, how cute would that be!

Well off to continue planning and to start creating! stay tuned for pictures from the big July event!

Crochet Cowl

A shared before that i had fallen in love with this cowl and so i set out last month to do just that (i did succeed, however i just got around to photographing it.)

The broach i already had and it matched perfectly with some yellow yarn i had on hand. 🙂 which i just crocheted 20 stitches wide, and length wise i kept going until it was long enough that i liked. now if California just had a real spring so i could have worn it a bit more, maybe we will get some April showers this year!

Crochet Success!

So a while back i posted on my crochet Disaster, and how i had my friend Alysia start a beanie for me because mine were just not turning out! well when i got back the one she started i looked a little closer at it and realized what i thought were failed attempts were probably the start of success so i thought i’m gonna try this. So on the way to our family snow day i pulled out some yarn and began crocheting away, i started to get the flat circle I was worried about but kept going and eventually it curved and did its thing and out come what was probably the best beanie i made! when my brother-in-law had seen the color he commented on how much he liked it and so when it was finished I gave it to him. it matched his shirt for the day perfect, and i was glad to give him a beanie as i had intended! now I’m amped to make more, just need to make the time  and recpients 🙂

Crochet disaster!!!

Yes you read that right disaster 🙂 So my goal was crochet a beanie for my hubby  for christmas. it started out as a complete disaster! i attempted to start the beanie 10 times. i used 3 different patterns, 2 different hooks, and 2 differnt yarns and all i could get were flat crocheted circles! i was so frusterated!!! I eventually gave up and asked my friend Alysia for help, she said she would go ahead and start a beanie and all i would have to do was finish the length. So she came and picked up my black yarn and did just that. Then once she left i thought i’d start it one more time, and what do you know the 11th attempt was a charm! i don’t have any clue what i did differently but it worked! i eneded up running out of yarn and had to add in a second color. So my hubby got to pick out his second color. 

Here is my hubby modeling his new beanie!