Ok i’m gonna start this by saying i am not a photographer now do i ever call myself one. I am a hobbyest and that is that. I love photography. i love looking at beautiful photos and i love capturing our daily life the big and small. In fact i love it so much i was the friend everyone made fun of because i always had my camera with me (ALWAYS) but to be honest I was to busy taking theater and choir and getting easy A’s not showing up as a TA when i was in Highschool. So yeah i’m not a professional photographer nor would i ever pretend to be. I think its weird that everyone and their brother it seems now a days is a photographer, but i think a real photographer has training talent, experience, they are not just lucky and get a great shot here and there. Sorry if that offends anyone. i have amazingly talented friends who are very talented and most assurdly professional but i would never put myself in their catagory.

Ok that being said i do love taking pictures and take them pretty much daily. And now thanks to my iphone i am learning to edit them and make them even better. So If your like me i’d love to show the apps i am loving. 🙂

first of course… Instagram…

I love posting and sharing photos here. i love the filters especially rise and it links to my facebook and twitter.
this is my favorite for creating multiphoto photos. I can then upload them using instagram or whatever other app i choose. i also have frametastic but i prefer diptic.
as for editing i use these 3 the most, each doing something different i love. Befunky and 100 cameras have filters i love. and PS express is great for lighting photos and other editing needs.
BeFunky Photo Editor
Adobe Photoshop Express
 Adobe Photoshop Express
100 Cameras in 1
I also use square ready a lot for photos that i want to upload to instagram but took with my regular camera and don’t want to have to cut.
Squaready - Instagram layouter
Another fun thing i like to do with my iphone photos is text on the pic or even text alone. to do that i use 3 different apps….
twee gram
someother apps i love are project 365, pocketbooth, lenslight, shakeit photo, & viddy.
What apps do you use?