Splat Mat/ outdoor blanket

weekend before this past one my mom and i decided to try our hand at making splat mats. we had seen some for sale for ridiculous amounts of money and figured what the heck we have some fabric at home all we need is some oilcloth.  so we headed to our fabric local different fabric store and bought 2 yards of oilcloth so we could make two mats. we made each mat a different way the first we altered the snuggle blanket pattern from Amy butler’s little stitches for little ones and the second was a free hand pattern my husband uses to sew blankets for the babys in our lives. so here are the 2 different instrunctions….

Supplies for both ways:

1 yard of oilcloth

1 yard of fabric 

1 yard of batting (optional)

instrunctions 1:

1) cut a 37inch by 37inch square out of your oil cloth, trim yard of fabric to match.

2) with excess oilcloth cut it lengh wise into 4 even strips (should be aprox 2.5 inches wide)

DSC_0028 by you.

3) take 2 of those strips and cut 3 inches off the top. leaving you with 2 strips 37inches by 2.5 inches and 2 strips at 34 inches by 2.5 inches

4) take your two shorter strips and pin them to fabric rights sides together 1.5 inches from fabrics edge. you will need to center the strip to the center of the fabric

5) sticth along outer edge of oilcloth

6) open and press (oil cloth is hard to press we used our fingers and a light iron, the idea is for it to fold back and stay there)

7) going to repeat steps 4-6 with the long strips. (these will overlap the presed open short strips)

DSC_0033 by you.

8) at this point if you are using bating you could add it here

9) attach front to back panel. you will match them up right sides together and stich around leaving an 8inch opening to pull the finished mat through.

10) pull mat through opening, fold in rouch edge and stich all around to seal.


Instrunctions 2:

1) trim fabric into a 34inch by 34inch square. 

2) stich fabric to batting

3) trim oilcloth to a 37 inc by 37 inch square

4) center fabric/bating onto oil cloth wrong sides together

DSC_0035 by you.

5) fold edge of oil cloth over rough edge of heming in oil cloth’s rough edge.

DSC_0037 by you.

6) stich all the way around the inner edge of the oil cloth

mats are now complete!DSC_0041 by you.

and one more picture jsut cause he looks so darn cute sitting on his….

DSC_0042 by you.

enjoy sewing!  would love to see how yours turn out.