How to put Pinterest to work for you!

I know you all know Pinterest, and i know you all can loose hours upon hours lost in the pinterest world! But how many of you have to put it to work for you? Now i am no expert but two things i hear a lot from friends is how they got lost in pinterest, how impressed they are when they see me make things i’ve seen off there. So i thought maybe some of you are like my friends just pinning away but never actually doing anything and i’m hoping maybe my Pinterest system will work for you.

Ok like i said i’m no pro so my system may be basic or to much work depending on how you like it. but here it is….

First create specific boards for ideas…. So rather then i have a “food” board i have, food: Breakfast, Food: dinner, Food: Dessert, Food:slow Cooker/one pot. I have 11 seperate food boards (9 for ideas and 2 revolving more on that in a sec), 5 for style, 11 homeschool, 7 crafting, 5 kids/baby, 6 party, and several other single topic boards) having specific boards helps you get to what you want when you want it. No looking through a thousand food recipes to find that one dinner recipe you pinned months ago!

Second Create revolving boards…. I have 5 current ones… Currently crafting, This weeks meals, to name a few and then 3 completed boards… Things i’ve cooked, Things i’ve made, and homeschool projects. The way i do it is every week i go through my food boards do our meal plan and move pins from food bards to this weeks meals. Once i’ve cooked them they get moved to things i’ve cooked. i do the same with homeschool and crafting just not as often. This helps me get to the pins i need quickly, and gives me a way to reference back in the future without sorting through hundreds of pins.

Third be practical: Create boards that are useful a board for christmas lists, books you want to read, ideas for your sons first birthday. It’s ok to have a board for all party ideas but be practical and pin things you are actually going to use or fit a specific theme you have in mind. It really cuts back on that overwhelming feeling when you look at the board later and realize you don’t have the knitting skills to knit all those things on your yarn craft related board.

My last tip is not to have pins that aren’t useful. I pin gift ideas, books i want, articles about apps or blogging tips. All kinds of things but if i find a pin i don’t like or one that i don’t need to reference in the future i delete it. That means if i buy the gift the pin gets deleted, if I try a recipe we don’t like i delete it. If i pinned something for the home or an outft and months down the line my taste changes and i decide i don’t like it after all i delete it.

Hope this helps! What tips do you have for getting more use out of your boards on pinterest?


Fall to Me

Wow i’ve pretty much fallen off the planet! My sewing machine has been collecting dust, i’ve purged craft supplies of all kinds, I’m just not in a creative season. We are in a busy season as most are during summer but i’m also just in a season where most of my time is spent working or reading or doing bible study or prepping for a 5k. I’ve finished my christmas gifts except for my husband but we went with bought gifts this year it was just easier. (The only redeeming factor is we did our best to buy from brands that give in some way). That all being said the fall is upon us in 2 days!!! So since i’m busy at bible study, and leadership training, and going on camping trips my creativity has gone to the kitchen! I wanted to share a few of the recipes i’ve been trying out lately some better then others all thanks to pinterest! (if you don’t know I’m a pinterest-a-holic then you don’t know me!) Now please note most of these are fallish recipes and even though its been a hot hot hot few weeks i started in with my first fall recipe mid august. 🙂

Ok now before you scroll for those recipes i just want to say that today i baked a pumpkin apple pie all of my own recipe creativity i plan to share it so check in hopefully tomorrow it will take me a bit to type up the recipe. Ok now onto the pinterest ones……

Chocolate applesauce bars @Sarah Goodman

Apple sauce bars

apple enchiladas and more! Preheat to 350 she forgot that part.

Apple Enchiladas (now note i don’t use the apple pie filling they suggest i found another recipe i prefer that you mix fresh apple slices with 1 box vanilla pudding mix, 4tbl water, and some cinnamon)

Cookie Dough Bites. No raw eggs & no baking! Only 5 ingredients!

Cookie dough bites

Pulled Pork Stuffed Sweet Potato from<--- Cooked 8/22/12 so AMAZING!!!!

Pork stuffed Yams


Did you think i only bake? I don’t I do cook real food to!

No-Bake Peanut Butter Squares: Just 4 ingredients. @briana J and @beth Weems this is what i made today

Peanut butter squares (YUMMMMM!)

roasted lemon garlic herb shrimp... looks delish


Zesty Lime Shrimp and Avocado Salad | Skinnytaste

The best shrimp dip you’ll ever try!!!!

baked parm zucchini, 50 calories for entire recipe!

our current addiction- Baked zucchini

Flourless Zucchini Brownies<---- OMG these sound AMAZING!!!!

Flourless zucchini muffins (let me tell you these bad boys rocked!!!!!)

Ahhhh apple picking season comes with fall!!! I made our regular apple bundles but i’ve also whipped up some of the best apple sauce i’ve made yet!!!!

Crock Pot Applesauce | Skinnytaste<--- gonna pop this in tonight so i can wake up to the smell!!! (idea from a commenter i think is genius!)

check it out so easy!!!! i didn’t have a cinnamon stick so i used just seasoning.

and lastly my son helped me make these cookies. he liked them as did my husband and me the pumpkin lover wasn’t super impressed!

Low-fat Pumpkin Spiced Chocolate Chip Cookies. Spike day here i come!


Well i’m off to type up the easies pie recipe you ever did make that sounds super gourmet and had everyone impressed! Be sure to check back!!!!

Pinterest Party RE-cap

Well a round of colds has hit our home and has circled back around again as march begins. 😦 the down side of so many in one home i guess. Those colds have left me resting in bed cuddling with babies and not really doing much else, so pinterest february didn’t go quite as planned but hey I got a few things done and wanted to share them…

I made the letter T out of some pipe cleaners and yarn for the boys’ alpha wall in their room….

Tutorial Here

pipe cleaner and yarn - love - darling idea for Primary Christmas trees

and I made a charging station for our ipods and iphones….

I also have some lemon peels soaking in Vinegar for a homemade cleaner, & stitched up so,e old diapers for new rags…
We also made some fun pipe cleaner glasses..
Oh & lastly I crocheted up more hearts like i did last year & stitched them on as elbow patches…
(the multi pictures is a result of doing the monthly photo challenges)
February photography challenge - gonna use this as my guide for Project 2012

I also did a lot of pinterest cooking this week…

Thin Mint truffles, Black Bean brownies, & Yogurt dipped fruit.

And over valentines week i put some pinterest gift & date ideas to work as did my hubby during our “I Love you More” week. Which you can read more about here if you want.

Want the tutorial or recipes for the projects I did check out my pin boards.. thing’s I’ve made & Thing’s I’ve cooked.

Pinterest Party- Mustard Cord

I put a too big for me mustard cord skirt to work for me today and finished two pinned crafts…. a pair of toms shoes recovers and a little pocket to keep my journal and calendar together in my diaper bag….

I’m really excited i’ve been wanting to do both for a while and am really glad i took the time to do it today.

This is the tutorial i used for the shoes. I was going to cover just the toes like she did but the grey had faded so badly it was not pretty! so i went with covering the whole shoe instead.

Toms shoes makeover design

and here is the tutorial i used to inspire my little pocket book.

I like this little cloth pocket, i'm thinking it would be good to slip my calender and journal in since i almost always have both in my bag anyway. this way they'd be together.

Pinterest party points for me: 2 for today + 5 from the party = 7 pinterest party points for me!

What about you its the 7th of the month how many points have you earned?

Party Time!

Yesterday was Launch of my pinterest party month. I started it off with a pinterest party with friends from church. 3 hours of no kids, a yummy lunch and crafts!

It started out to be 3 crafts… an apothecary jar, a tinted masson jar and a scarf. But then i worried that the jars would go so fast that there would be so much down time. So i pulled out the etching cream and some coffee mugs with chalk board paint, oh and some scrap fabric for headbands just in case! (ok so i went from not enough to fill time to overly ambitious) But Hey we still had fun and how was i to know the girls who came were AMAZING perfectionists (unlike myself, all though sometimes i aspire to be that detailed).

We did have fun though! These are the pinterest links to the projects that inspired what we made and the food we ate if you are intersted in any of them….

T-shirt yarn woven into headbands. Too cute!

chalkboard mugs DIY

Glue dollar store glasses onto candlesticks = Apothecary jars

T-shirt scarf tutorial

How to make Infinity Scarves. So great.

color glass jars with mod podge and food coloring.

glass jars turned vintage
The tutorial is here:

Glass Etching

Easy peasy glass etching tutorial (you can reuse the etching cream!)

Caprese Grilled Cheese Sandwich

quinoa salad

oreo truffles (no baking!)

What do you have up your sleeve this month?


Pretty and Practical

Its January time to jump on all those things we WANT to do this year. Like be nicer, eat healthier, be more balanced, and of course complete projects! With all that ahead of her a sweet friend decided she was going to use the momentum of January and complete some desired tasks in her home. To keep herself going she decided to make a game of it in the month of January and as invited her readers to join her. I’m participating and am no inviting you to join in as well! It’s called Pretty Vs. Practical and this is how it works…

If I accomplish a task that pretties up the house I get a point. +1.
If I accomplish a task that practicals up the home I get a point +1.
If I do a task that both pretties and practicals up the house I get +3.

If I do a task that does either task, and it costs zero money I get +1.

So get up and get going…. BUT before you do here is my first project….
Rain gutter shelves!!!
I was trying to figure out a way to hang the Alphabet letters we got from Oliver’s baby shower a few months ago. I want to get the ones we have up on the wall but wanted to be able to slowly finish off the alphabet and not rush out and get all 26 letters. So i decided shelves would be best, plus it would make it easier as some of these are rather fragile and I’m scared to hang them. So i sent my hubby to the store and he picked up 1 10ft rain gutter, which the cut in half, and some brakets and in 15 minutes we had 2 shelves hung on the wall and my alphabet was displayed.
According the game that is 3 points for me. However i’ve decided that since the task has been waiting for like 5 months to get done i deserve an extra point for finally completing it. That’s fair right? 😉
So what projects are on your list this month?
Pretty Vs. Practical Total Points: 3
(Graphic from Leslie Autum)

Peanut Butter Yogurt Dip

Oh Man this was so so so good! I made it using Vanilla yogurt. Seriously you must try! we ate it with fruit and graham crackers but we could have totally eaten spoonfulls of it by itself it was that good!

(Photo via Pinterest)

Recipe go to The wannabe Chef