Sewing Bag

I have had this pattern marked for a while now (over a year to be exact). The pattern is for a diaper bag and it comes from Amy Butler’s Little Stitches for Little Ones. I had been wanting to use it as a sewing bag and had some fabric all picked out but then i feel in love with this sewing fabric from Alexander Henry and knew that was it! that was what my sewing bag was gonna be. So this week i cut out the pieces, my hubby ironed the fusible fleece, and then i stitched it up!

the only mistake i made was i accidently used the wrong pieces for the pockets on the inside. So they are a lot smaller than they are suppose to be, but i’m ok with that. and I left out the divider in the center. Overall i love the bag and am super excited about getting to use it! its bigger than i thought it was gonna be which excites me to know that all my sewing stuff will fit perfect when i am crafting somewhere else.

Do you have a favorite craft bag that you take with you places? i’d love to see if you do!


One Comment on “Sewing Bag”

  1. craftystaci says:

    So cute – LOVE the fabric!

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